Breaking: SOKAPU foresees a new dawn for Kaduna, lauds Gov Sani’s policies


By Mathew Dadiya

The Southern Kaduna Peoples Union (SOKAPU), in a momentous turn of events, visited Sir Kashim Ibrahim House to convey their hearty congratulations to Governor Uba Sani on gis victory at the Supreme Court and his administration’s viable economic policies for the state.

The SOKAPU visit led by the dynamic President, Engr Tabara Samuel Kato, expressed deep satisfaction with the policy trajectory of Governor Uba Sani’s administration and lauded the equitable and inclusive execution of projects across the state.

Commending the administration’s rural transformation initiatives, Comrade Kato emphasized that the implementation of the SUSTAIN Agenda signifies a new era for Kaduna State.

The delegation’s positive sentiments reflect a collective optimism about the impact of Governor Uba Sani’s governance on the region. The visit serves as a testament to the growing synergy between the government and key stakeholders in the state’s development.

Governor Sani, appreciative of SOKAPU’s endorsement, seized the opportunity to update the union on the administration’s strides in ensuring the prompt disbursement of pensions and gratuities for retirees. He reiterated the commitment to a people-centered and inclusive governance approach, underscoring the administration’s dedication to the welfare of the citizens. This interaction reinforces the collaborative spirit between the government and SOKAPU, fostering a platform for continued partnership in steering the state towards progress and development.

In essence, this visit is more than a gesture of congratulation; it symbolizes the resonance of Governor Sani’s policies with key stakeholders, setting the stage for a promising and transformative era for Kaduna State. The positive reception from SOKAPU underscores the potential for a robust and inclusive future under the visionary leadership of Governor Uba Sani.