Group lauds Bauchi Governor’s commitment to prudence


Northern Emancipation Network, NEN, Bauchi State chapter has applauded the Bauchi State Government for once again demonstrating its commitment to prudence and fiscal responsibility by curbing the cost of governance through its meager allocation to the Governor’s office for the 2024 budget year.

A statement released by the state’s coordinator Muntari Lawal, said this decision sets Bauchi apart as the 3rd best among the 36 States in Nigeria in terms of the lowest allocation to the Governor’s office, and the 34th from the States with the highest allocation to Governors office in the country.

“It is truly commendable to see the Bauchi State Government taking such a bold step to prioritize the efficient use of public funds. While some States have budgeted exorbitant amounts for their Governor’s office, such as Lagos with N66.8 billion, Ogun with N64.2 billion, and Kogi with N39.2 billion, Bauchi has allocated a modest N3.1 billion. This decision not only reflects a commitment to financial prudence but also a dedication to serving the people of Bauchi State in the most cost-effective manner possible,” the NEN said.

They said Bala Mohammed Kauran Bauchi, the Governor of Bauchi State, should be commended for his leadership in making tough decisions that prioritize the needs of the people over unnecessary expenditures.

“By choosing to allocate a minimal amount to the Governor’s office, Governor Mohammed has shown that he is committed to ensuring that public funds are used wisely and efficiently for the benefit of all citizens.

“It is worth noting that Bauchi’s allocation to the Governor’s office is the least in the Northeast region and second only to Sokoto in the Northern region. This demonstrates that Bauchi is leading by example in terms of responsible budgeting and financial management.

“Bauchi State Government’s decision to curtail the cost of governance through its meager allocation to the Governor’s office for the 2024 budget year is a commendable and praiseworthy move. Governor Mohammed’s leadership in prioritizing financial prudence and efficiency should serve as an example for other States to follow.

“By making tough decisions that put the needs of the people first, Bauchi is setting a standard for responsible governance that should be emulated across the country,” they said.