Rotary club sensitizes students on menstrual well-being, donates sanitary pads


By Blessing Bature

The Rotary Club of Gwagwalada in collaboration with the  National Youth Service Corps, NYSC SDGs Community Development Service CDS group, Gwagwalada has sensitized students of the school for the gifted Gwagwalada on menstrual hygiene and distributed sanitary pads and related materials to not fewer that 500 students.

President, Rotary club of Gwagwalada, Rtr. Ayodele Steven said the club was intentional about reaching out to the young people to educate them on good menstrual health and hygiene practices to help prevent infections, reduce odors, and help them to stay comfortable during their period.

According to him, Poor menstrual hygiene can lead to urinary or reproductive tract infections and affect the well-being of students, and may also lead to itching or rashes in the perineal region, bad odor, and sometimes, major complications such as pelvic inflammatory disease and toxic shock syndrome.

Speaking on the danger of drugs abuse, Interact Adviser, School for the gifted, Owhor Ifeanyichukwu said, the danger of drugs abuse can never be overemphasized as it is a major public health, social and individual problem and is seen as an aggravating factor for crimes and insecurity, economic crises; contributing to Nigeria’s poverty status. 

“While youth are supposed to be the major agent of change and development, some of them have been destroyed by drug abuse rendering them unproductive, so it was imperative to catch them young and disorient them on mal addiction.”

Also speaking the President of the NYSC CDS Sustainable Development Goal, Shado Peculiar Unini also alluded that bringing Health education to the students will  motivates them to improve and maintain their health, prevent disease and reduce risky behaviour, and position them to be responsible citizens that will contribute meaningfully to the society

Given hygiene tips to the students, one of the speakers, Dr. Emmanuel advised students to always wash their hands before and after using the restroom and before using a menstrual product.

Discard used disposable menstrual products properly by wrapping them with toilet paper, a tissue, or other material and then toss in a trash bin. Do not flush menstrual products down the toilet, he said.

He stressed that Sanitary pads should be changed every few hours, no matter how light the flow. Change them more frequently if your period is heavy.

“Tampons: Change tampons every 4 to 8 hours. Do not wear a single tampon for more than 8 hours at a time”.

“Use the lowest-absorbency tampon needed. If you can wear one tampon for up to 8 hours without changing, the absorbency may be too high”.

He also advised them not to shave during their period as the body is very vulnerable to contacting infection during this period.

Appreciating the club,  the Interact President, School for the Gifted,  Lawal Muhammad Gwaram thanked the parent club, Rotary club of Gwagwalada and the NYSC SDGs Community Development Service group for chosen the school for the sensitization and promised to be a role model to other students of the school.