Enough is enough!


*As Chairman of Ebonyi State Council of Nigeria Labour Congress calls on President Tinubu to resign

*Akwa Ibom counterpart says if leaders do not want to change the situation, we will force them to

*Benue State Governor, Rev Fr Hyacinth Alia says governments aware of suffering of Nigerian workers

*Dissenting voices of displeasure growing stronger, disenchantment could snowball into a mob action – Ajaero

By our correspondent

Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) made true her threat to begin a nationwide protest to express their reservations over governments’ policies as they negatively affect Nigerian people especially the workers and the downtrodden.

That was not all, the central body of Nigerian workers also left a strong message for Nigerian government when it told them that dissenting voices of displeasure growing stronger is a disenchantment that could snowball into a mob action.

The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), has advised the federal government that the current economic hardship in the country is attracting growing voices of disenchantment that could snowball into mob actions if not immediately addressed.

NLC President, Comrade Joe Ajaero, during a protest in Abuja on yesterday asked the Federal Government to take immediate drastic measures to cushion the worsening hardship and hunger in the country.

Ajaero who led the leadership of all affiliate unions of NLC and civil society organisations in the protest to the National Assembly said the level of hunger in Nigeria requires urgent intervention.

He said, “This is not to use theoretical or rhetorical solutions. Serious intervention must be taken by the government immediately to save the citizens from death and the country from civil unrest.

“Across Nigeria, the murmuring and dissenting voice of displeasure is growing stronger by the day; it will be unfortunate and regrettable if the government allows the voices in the shadows growing snowballed into a mob action. Our rally today is a kind of early warning to what may come if the government hesitates to act now.

“Members of the National Assembly should know that they will not be spared if things go out of hand. We are not coming here every time to register displeasure or letters for the fun of it. If you refuse to take action too, you will equally have yourselves to be blamed,” Ajaero said.

Receiving the demand letter from the protesting workers, the Chairman Senate Committee on Labour and Productivity, Senator Diket Plang, said the demand of the Nigeria Labour Congress and its civil society organisations’ allies will be discussed immediately at the plenary of both the Senate and House of Representatives. He promised the Senate President will transmit the position of workers to President Bola Tinubu, and ensure urgent action is taken to end hardship.

In the demand letter to President Tinubu through the National Assembly, NLC asked for; “Employment generation through massive investment in agriculture and value-added manufacturing. Immediate subsidy to farmers to boost agricultural production and food security. Open all food storage silos and enforce equitable distribution across the country.

“Immediate fixing of abandoned factories and revival of our local production and patronage of Made-in-Nigeria goods and services. Fixing of the four refineries as a matter of urgent national priority. Make electricity and water available, affordable and accessible to all citizens.

“Massive investment in road/rail infrastructure and social housing. Immediate deployment of cheap mass transportation, buses powered by CNG to ease the crisis of transportation for the poor people. Put an end to further privatization and liberalization of the economy and take control of the commanding heights of the economy in line with section 16 (1) of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Go after oil subsidy cabal and other economic saboteurs instead of helpless Nigerians.

“Put a stop to all dollarization of the Nigerian economy. Put a stop to all wasteful spending and profligacy in government. Proper and adequate funding of education and health care at all levels. Adequate provision for social security for the aged and the vulnerable. Pay all outstanding wages and pensions at all tiers of the government. Fast-track negotiation and implementation of the new national minimum wage. Abandonment of IMF/World Bank policies as they bring extreme hardship to Nigerians as well as imperil our security and sovereignty.”

In Ebonyi, the NLC State Chairman, Professor Oguguo Egwu accused President Tinubu-led government of introducing anti-people policies.

Addressing newsmen in Abakaliki, asked President Tinubu to resign if he lacks the leadership capacity to meet up with Nigerians’ cravings.

Chairman of the NLC in Akwa Ibom, Comrade Sunny James who led the protest on Tuesday from Idongesit Nkanga Secretariat, Uyo, to both the State Assembly Complex and the Government House lamented that people have been stretched to their limit due to excessive hunger and hardship.

He said that Organised Labour would continue to engage in actions that would force political leaders in the country to implement policies that would revamp the economy and reduce hardship.

In Benue, Governor Rev Fr Hyacinth Alia, admitted that the Government was aware of the sufferings of workers and other Nigerians in the country.

The Governor who was represented by his Chief of Staff, Mr Paul Biam, during the protest by the NLC assured Labour that their grievances would be transmitted to President Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

He said it was very clear that Nigerians were passing through tough times and said the government was not relenting on her efforts to ensure that Nigerians have improved standard of living.