Nigerians Will Appreciate Tinubu’s Administration After Reforms, Says Abdulhafiz Barau Umar


A renowned businessman, Abdulhafiz Umar Barau, has said that Nigerians will appreciate the Tinubu administration when the reform programmes start yielding positive results.

Abdulhafiz Umar Barau, a Diaspora businessman, further says that removing the subsidy is the best option for Nigeria’s economy to survive a complete collapse.

In an exclusive interview with our Reporters, Barau appealed to Nigerians to be patient with Tinubu’s government while noting that the economic reform policies won’t yield results in a short time frame.”

“So far, so good, I think we should all be patient. His efforts will yield fruit. You can see the dollar rate is coming down now. I believe everything will stabilise soon,” Barau told our Reporters in a chat.

“From the look of things, what the government has done in the last three days, setting up the Economic Advisory Council, and trying to implement the Steve Oronsaye report on the reform of the civil service.

“The three actions taken collectively aim to control FOREX as it was seven months ago. I really want to think that everything will eventually return to normal. There is every expectation that everything will return to normal.

“No one is immune to adversity; you cannot claim to be immune to it despite your wealth or position in society. Nigerians ought to never give up,” he stated.

“They should give the government a bit of space,” Barau continued. In the upcoming week or two, let’s see what transpires.

“I want to believe that definitely something positive will come out.”