Northern group opposes rotational presidency


By Padio Phineas, Yola

A group, Arewa New Agenda (ANA), on Thursday in Yola, the Adamawa state capital, declared its opposing stance on rotational presidency.

Addressing journalists on the new move, the president of the group, Senator Ahmad Abubakar Moallayidi disclosed that Northern Nigeria was shortchanged by the Tinubu administration, despite its numerical strength to determine political direction and the leadership of the country at all times.

According to him, President Tinubu has abandoned the North, which gave the bulk of the ballots that brought him to power.

He also lamented that despite its rich endowment with both human and natural resources, the region has been plagued with the combined vices of poverty, illiteracy and insecurity.

Moallayidi boasted that ANA’s goal is to right the wrongs of the past by mobilising, in particular, the younger generation of northerners to confront the region’s myriad of challenges.

He said, “everybody knows that here in northern Nigeria we have a lot of problems. So our focus, even before the election, was what is in it for northern Nigeria?

“Of course when the APC was formed everybody endorsed General Muhammadu Buhari from the North. The other part of the country, especially the southwest, which came to form the alliance, asked for a lot of things which were granted; one of which was power shift to the south.

“Now that the power is there, what is in it for the North? This is what my colleagues and I have been asking but we could not get an answer. So we decided we shouldn’t just sit back to continue in a turn-by-turn presidential system.

“Turn-by-turn doesn’t make sense! Turn-by-turn is not democracy, you know that; you’re just shifting the mantle of leadership, not that you’re doing democracy. And you also know that whatever form of government you have, you know that people must have dividends from that form of government.

“This is what Arewa New Agenda is trying to project; that in this government now what is in it for us in the North? But we were not given an answer! Of course you know that the bulk of what forms any government in Nigeria, not just the APC, and 70 percent of it is from the North”, it added.