Varsity Don blames legislature, judiciary for encouraging corruption in Nigeria


From Owen Eresoyen, Benin

A University Don, Prof. Dawood Omolumen Egbefo of the Department of History and International Studies at the Edo State University Uzairue has blamed the legislature and the judiciary for not living up to the people’s expectations by discharging their real responsibilities thereby encouraging corruption in Nigeria.

Prof Egbefo who is also the Deputy Vice Chancellor Academic, made the assertion while delivery the 13th inaugural lecture series of the Edo State University Uzairue, Titled: Democratic Governance And The Challenges Of Poverty, Corruption And National Security Crisis In Nigeria Since 1999, at the Aliko Dangote Auditorium.

Prof Egbefo said the judiciary as the 3rd tier have been made to do what the government wants or not be allowed to perform their actual duties as what they do is just paperwork and the real effective issues of the judiciary is in the hands of the executive.

According to him, “for the past 4-8 years now, we have seen how the judiciary have been made to do what the government want or not being allowed to perform their actual duties, what they do is just paperwork and the real effective issues of the judiciary is in the hands of the executive.”

On the other hand, he said the legislature have not been able to achieve the administrative instrument, the instrument that will put good governance on ground have not been established saying that the legislature are supposed to make laws for good governance or always see to what the executive is about to or are doing can be implemented for good governance.

He said until we actually redefine what true governance is, that is where we can separate both good and bad governance adding that if we remain like this, democracy will keep on promoting poverty thereby leading to corruption and the problem we are facing will take time to be solved.

He further accused the government for not being able to drive home or put on ground a structure or system that would be able to check corruption as people are interested in corruption as a result of the kind of wealth they want at the detriment of others.

He said that the issue of corruption did not start today as we have seen government officials taking bribes to carry out their official duties or government engaging or involving in bribing companies or contractors at the same time claiming to be fighting corruption by setting up EFCC, ICPC and others.