Perm Sec seeks commitment to scientific, technology applications to enhance economic development


By Eunice Orike

Permanent Secretary of Ministry of Innovation, Science and Technology, Mrs. Esuabana Nko-Asanye has said that commitment to scientific and technology application is the greatest tool to the emancipation of the Nigeria’s socio-economic challenges.

Esuabana said that Nigeria is blessed with both human and natural resources and with the proper application of scientific tools, she will achieve her economic development and goals.

The permanent Secretary who disclosed this when the Management Team of the Ministry visited the Innovation Start-Up Hub yesterday in Abuja, said the Innovation Start-Up Hub is a practical demonstration of the ‘’can do it spirit of Nigerians’’, adding that if opportunities and enabling environment to work is given to our youths, they will be able to showcase their God’s given talents and intellect to create things that will benefit the nation.

Mrs. Esuabana also said that Innovation Hub is a physical or visual space that brings together researchers, creators and innovators to give birth and grow ideas that transforms into products for commercialization.

Furthermore, she also said this is an opportunity for Nigeria to promote the linkage between our Academia and Industries that will transform into commercialization of products and enhance the socio- economic development and growth of the nation.

To this end, she commended the Management of the Innovation Start-Up Hub for granting the Ministry’s team access to its facilities and promised to collaborate with it in the area of training of scientific officers of the Ministry.

Speaking, the Director of the Innovation Start-Ups Hub Mr. Edward Singathy said that the Innovation Hub is an Engineers Haven where ideas are transformed into beneficial service to humanity, adding that what they do is basically to assist Nigerians who have brilliant ideas through a program, transform those ideas into prototypes that are capable of positively, changing the society and the world at large.

Edward noted that Nigerian is blessed with so many brilliant people who have not been given the opportunity to excel, and that with the innovative hub the lives of so many Nigerians have changed.

He revealed that the Organization is a Non-Governmental Organization and non-profitable Establishment where selected intellects from various tertiary Institutions are trained on business start-ups that will contribute to the socio-economic development of the Country.

The Organization has various Departments such as Metatronics Lab where basics of innovation are learnt, Creative Arts Department where they design different fabrics and Recycling Unit where recycled materials are process into finished products, such as bags, foot mats, caps etc.