Edo 2024: Group to mobilize voters for APC’s Monday Okpebholo


A group, the Edo Strategic Alliance Network (ESAN) has announced the launch of an initiative aimed at mobilizing voters in support of Senator Monday Okpebholo, the All Progressive Congress (APC) gubernatorial candidate for the Edo 2024 governorship race.

This was contained in a press statement issued by Prince Christopher Omoaghe, convener of the group.

Omoaghe revealed the group’s mission to rally behind Senator Monday Okpebholo and ensure his victory in the upcoming September 2024 gubernatorial election in Edo state.

Comprised of distinguished professionals from Edo State, he said ESAN stands united in their collective dedication to propelling the APC candidate to the forefront of Edo State politics.

Prince Omoaghe emphasized the significance of ESAN’s formation, highlighting the impact that a united and cohesive force of professionals can have in shaping the future political landscape of Edo State.

He expressed confidence that the alliance of these distinguished individuals, with their diverse skills and expertise, will bring about a transformative wave of support for Senator Monday Okpebholo.

He explained that ESAN aims to utilize its extensive network and strategic resources to reach every corner of Edo State, engaging, educating, and mobilizing voters.

The statement read, “Through a multifaceted approach that includes grassroots initiatives, public awareness campaigns, and community outreach programs, ESAN is committed to ensuring that every eligible voter is informed and prepared to cast their ballot in favor of Senator Monday Okpebholo and the APC party.”

He expressed confidence in Senator Monday Okpebholo’s visionary leadership, integrity, and commitment to the development of Edo State.

“ESAN perceives his candidacy as a beacon of hope and a catalyst for progress, and they stand firmly behind him in their quest for a brighter future for Edo State,” the statement noted.