Group calls on FG to quickly restore economic stability, address hardship


A group, Society for Youth and the Downthrodden, SOYD, has called on Federal Government to quickly restore economic stability and address the current issues of hardship and hunger in the country.

A press release issued by SOYD President and CEO, Ogwuche Gabriel, read, “With the deepest sense of concerns and worries, we wish to call on President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to quickly restore economic stability and address the current hardship and hunger in Nigeria.

“As a group, we aligned with the policies and programs of this administration from inception despite all odds, because in most cases, it was courageously designed to secure the future and rescue the economy from the grip of total collapse.

“For example, the removal of subsidy on petroleum product was meant to bring lasting economic relief to Nigerians, if it’s backed by strong implementation strategy.

“The current hardship in the country is caused by internal sabotage and political hatred, but the effect of it is synonymous to that of war and other natural disasters.

“This required only Mr President’s
strong political wisdom to address the situation, considering the enormous power he derived from the constitution as the President of Nigeria.

“Unfortunately, the President over the period is being economical with the power of government and this is gradually crippling Nigeria economy. As representative of the people, this is worrisome to us and therefore, we urge our leaders to wake up to statutory responsibilities to protect our common identity.

“Between 15th and 29th February 2024, we lost 74 persons to hunger and poverty related complications, while over 2,439 are in a vegetative state at various camps in FCT, Abuja, Benue, Kogi, Nassarawa and Niger State. Among the worst affected are children, pregnant women, elderly and other most vulnerable Nigerians due to complete lack of foods and inaccessibility to medicals.

“At the moment, there is a need for emergency intervention in terms of aids to prevent further fatalities, especially among the poorest of the poor Nigerians.

“The humanitarian crises in Nigeria presently has reached unbearable dimension. In view of this, we call on the United Nations Organisation and other international donor agencies operating in Nigeria, including spirited individuals to extend humanitarian assistance to those that are trapped by poverty and hunger in many parts of the country, especially in the North Central zone.”