KACRAN seeks support from Northern State Govts for Livestock feed palliatives


Kulen Allah Cattle Rearers Association of Nigeria, KACRAN, has ppealed to the Governments of the Northern States to procure and distribute livestock feed to Pastoralists as palliative aid.

This appeal is contained in a press release issued by Hon Khalil Mohd Bello, National President, KACRAN.

The statement read, “This call to action comes in the wake of the Federal Government’s laudable disbursement of fifty billion naira towards the Pulaaku initiative, a campaign championed by President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to fortify the livestock sector and enhance the conditions for Nigerian Pastoralists. Moreover, the reappointment of the diligent members of the North East Development Commission’s Management Board is a testament to the ongoing efforts to rehabilitate the region devastated by Boko Haram, ensuring continued support services to impacted communities.

“As the primary beneficiaries of government initiatives aimed at advancing livestock development, KACRAN implores the Northern State Governments to participate actively by acquiring and distributing critical animal feed to Pastoralists within their jurisdictions.

“The rationale for this appeal is rooted in several vital points: President Tinubu’s administration has demonstrated a clear commitment to supporting the livestock sector, intending to improve security in the Northern regions and alleviate the hardships of our citizens.

“The strategic reappointment of NEDC members illustrates the Federal Government’s intent to enhance herding practices and benefit the Nigerian populace comprehensively.

“With the NLC’s primary focus on workers’ rights, KACRAN underscores the necessity to speak up for the silent livestock population, which is integral to our national interest.

“Livestock, lacking the ability to communicate distress, require our stewardship to ensure their needs are met and considered by government policies.

“The repercussions of oil subsidy removal have been pronounced for livestock, arguably surpassing the impact on human populations.

“The health and upkeep of livestock are inextricably linked to the welfare of humans, emphasizing the importance of holistic palliative measures.

“The scarcity of animal feed, a byproduct of human food processing, is exacerbated by current culinary practices aimed at minimizing waste.

“Livestock are entitled to rights and privileges, paralleling those of humans, and should be included in welfare considerations.

“Drawing parallels with developed nations, where livestock welfare is supported through governmental aid, KACRAN advocates for similar provisions in Nigeria.

“Preventing a decline in the national livestock population necessitates inclusive palliative actions by all government tiers, particularly in the Northern region, a key livestock stronghold.”

KACRAN also commended the Yobe State SEMA for their 2022 initiative and encourages Northern Governments to secure and distribute the following feeds: Wheat Bran/Offal, Feedlot/Compounded feed, Cotton Seed Cake, Soya Beans Cake, Palm Kernel Cake, Salt lick and Molasses.

Stating that, “We propose reallocating a portion of funds designated for workers’ palliatives and general food relief to the procurement of animal feed, thereby ensuring equitable support for Pastoralists and their livestock.

“We are confident that our plea will be met with understanding and prompt action from the Northern State Governments. Through collective effort and support, we can surmount the dual challenge of feeding our people and our livestock, particularly in the wake of oil subsidy removal

“In alignment with the recent announcement by the Honorable Minister of Agriculture and Food Security, Senator Abubakar Kyari, regarding the distribution of 43 metric tons of storage food, KACRAN remains steadfast in our conviction that true democracy and social justice are achieved when equal consideration is given to the needs of both people and livestock.

“We are currently facing a critical juncture where the welfare of pastoral communities and their herds are at stake. Our appeal is grounded not only in the interests of the pastoralists but also in the broader context of national food security and economic stability.

“We urge the Northern State Governments to acknowledge the profound connection between the prosperity of the livestock sector and the overall health of the nation. By providing these much-needed palliatives, we can ensure the resilience and sustainability of the pastoral way of life, which is a cornerstone of our culture and economy.

“KACRAN trusts that the spirit of cooperation and empathy will guide our leaders to support this noble cause. Our collective future depends on the well-being of every member of society, including the animals that contribute so significantly to our livelihoods.

“Together, we can create a more secure and prosperous future for all. May God assist us in our endeavors.”