Breaking: Gov Sani harps on empathy for poor, vulnerable in Ramadan message


By Mathew Dadiya

Kaduna State governor, Uba Sani, Monday, emphasized the transformative potential of Ramadan, declaring it as a crucial time to reach out and touch the lives of the poor and vulnerable.

In a heartfelt message, the governor underscored the significance of this sacred month, not only as a period of spiritual devotion but also as an opportunity for compassionate action.

“Ramadan is a time to extend our compassion to those in need, especially the poor and vulnerable,” Sani stated.

He highlighted the importance of collective efforts to make a positive impact on society.

The governor urged citizens to embrace the values of generosity and empathy during this holy month.

Governor Uba Sani’s message took on a reflective tone as he addressed the economic and security challenges facing the nation.

“The Ramadan period provides us with an opportunity to reflect on the issues our country is grappling with,” he remarked, calling for unity in the face of challenges.

The governor expressed optimism about the power of prayers and divine guidance in overcoming obstacles. “With fervent prayers, all things are possible,” he affirmed.

Uba Sani encouraged citizens to renew their relationship with Almighty Allah during this auspicious time.