Tinubu must implement Oronsaye report- LP Chairman, Abure


By Lanre Oloyede

National chairman of the Labour Party (LP), Julius Abure, has urged President Bola Tinubu to implement the Steve Oronsaye report, describing it as a necessary step for the administration.

He emphasised that the action, long overdue, would result in a significant reduction in public expenditure.

Abure commended the decision of the Tinubu administration to adopt the recommendations outlined in the 800-page report, which proposes the abolishment and merging of 102 government agencies and parastatals.

He stressed that previous administrations should have implemented the Steve Oronsaye report earlier, but current economic circumstances necessitate its enforcement to benefit the populace.

Speaking at an interactive session with journalists in Lagos at the weekend, Abure said the government should not hesitate to merge or scrap over bloated agencies to cut down on public expenditure and plough the funds into other productive ends considered priority areas by the administration.

He said: “Labour Party under my leadership considers the decision to implement the Steve Oronsaye report as one of the rightful decisions of the Tinubu administration, which is not only timely but, will cut the cost of governance. It is the right step in the right direction. It will see the government scrapping or merging moribund agencies. Any decision by the administration to cut wasteful expenditures should be applauded. It is the appropriate thing to do.”

Abure also called on the Tinubu administration to look into sore areas in the country, including poor infrastructure, and the dwindling state of the economy, and consider urgent interventions.

He said the essence of getting political power by parties is to utilise it to improve a better life for the citizens and drive overall economic growth and development.

Abure said now that the Court of Appeal, Abuja has declared him as the authentic chairman of the Labour Party, the time is now ripe for all progressives to rally and offer their voices to reshape the country through their contributions towards effective harnessing the country’s human and natural resources.

While aligning his thoughts with Nigerians calling for a rise in the country’s minimum wage, Abure said it is difficult to give a definite figure because a lot of parameters need to be put into consideration.

He said: “I am now spurred by the Court verdict declaring me as the authentic chairman of the Labour Party to work harder and offer valuable services to the party and Nigeria.

“But, I must add that it is not just capturing power that matters, but what you do with political power. It should be considered as an end to a means to improve a better life for the people, stimulate economic growth and development of the people.”

He urged the Tinubu administration not to relent in fixing urgently the challenges of insecurity, poor infrastructure, and economic realities confronting the country.

Abure said: “The government must urgently look into the double-digit inflation, the rising cost of food items, and other challenges confronting the country.”

He said the party would pursue massive political enlightenment to galvanize the citizens’ orientation towards birth-improved governance.

Abure said: “This is the time for all progressive forces to come together and pursue cohesion, and peace to take the country to the next level driven on holistic electoral reforms and political education. We need to put all hands on the desk to make the country work better for our tomorrow.”