Breaking: Gov Sani’s roads projects hit 827 as Kaduna people jubilate


By Mathew Dadiya

Road construction projects embarked upon by the Governor of Kaduna State, Uba Sani have reached 827 kilometres, leading to jubilation in the entire state.

The increase in the number of projects came on the heels of a 327 kilometres road, connecting three local governments, namely Igabi, Kaduna North, and Chikun.

Governor Sani pointed out that the new project also has great potentials of providing jobs for over 2,000 skilled, semi-skilled, and unskilled labourers. He explained that the new roads will enable people to move their goods without difficulty, thereby boosting economic security.

According to the governor, the groundbreaking of the new road linking the three local governments brings the total number of major roads by his administration to 21.

The new project covers 8 Districts and capable of providing water and sanitation systems, along with an efficient waste management system.

Other benefits of new projects, according to the governor, include “the provision of power utility and road infrastructure, totalling 327KM, cutting across 3 main roads, S
several Feeder Roads and streets in the 8 Districts.

He added that there will be a Dual Carriage Bridge

Economic experts insist that Governor Uba Sani’s road projects will prepare the grounds for further massive foreign direct investments in the state.