Reps Deputy Speaker, Kalu stresses need to strengthen Constitution


By Aaron Ossai

Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, Hon. Benjamin Kalu has described Nigeria’s Constitution as the bedrock of democracy that needs to be strengthened.

Declaring open a Retreat for Senior Legislative Aides in the Deputy Speaker’s office with the theme “Synergy and Success” yesterday, Hon. Kalu said that it is paramount to ensure that the Constitution is effective.

He said that the three arms of government must work together with other stakeholders to identify areas where the Constitution can be strengthened to better serve the needs of Nigerians.

Speaking further, the Deputy Speaker said that his office aspires to be a hub for resolving the issues surrounding the constitutional amendment adding that it can be achieved by conducting thorough research and analyzing the potential impact of proposed amendments.

“We will actively engage the public through town hall meetings, public hearings, and other avenues to gather citizen input and build consensus.

“We will also work closely with legislators, civil society organizations, and legal experts to ensure that proposed amendments are well-crafted and reflect the will of the people while the synergy for success in this office is multifaceted, encompassing both horizontal and vertical collaboration”, he added.

On the Retreat, Hon. Kalu said “this retreat is not just an opportunity for us to step away from the demands of our daily duties but also a chance to introspect, learn, grow, synergize, and strategize to enhance efficiency and effectiveness in our various capacities.”

“In our line of work, capacity-building is not just an option, it is a necessity. We find ourselves at the intersection of policy, governance, and public service – a dynamic environment constantly challenging us. We must continuously improve our skills, broaden our horizons, and equip ourselves with the necessary tools to meet these challenges.

“Within the walls of the legislature, we are not only expected to understand and interpret complex policy matters but also to communicate them effectively to our constituents. We are required to negotiate, persuade, and build consensus among diverse stakeholders.

“We are expected to possess the knowledge, skills, and expertise to make informed decisions that can shape the destiny of our country. Therefore, we must invest time and effort in expanding our knowledge, developing our skills, and enhancing our capabilities.

“We have been entrusted with the power to influence and shape the legislative landscape of our country. This requires us to not only understand the intricacies of law-making but also to perform our oversight function with utmost integrity. This responsibility extends to using our office to impact positively on the nation”, he added.