Obaseki set to unveil Oredo Online Services platform to promote transparency in governance


By Owen Eresoyen, Benin

Towards revolutionizing service delivery to residents of Oredo Local Government Council Area, Executive Chairman, Oredo Government Council, Dr. Tom Obaseki on Monday said the local council is poised to transform the way Local Government administration engages with citizens to promote transparency in governance.

Speaking during a briefing in Benin City, Obaseki said Oredo Local Council Area is unveiling an innovation in service delivery with citizen experience through its Oredo Online Services Platform.

According to him, Oredo Online Services Platform, is a breakthrough cutting-edge platform poised to transform the way Local Government administration engages with citizens.

Obaseki further stated that Oredo Local Government Area is a melting pot of diverse ethnic groups with a population of approximately 536,827 according to the 2006 census. It is the most urbanized Government Area in Edo State and not only serves as the State capital, but also the seat of the State Government as well as the palace of the Oba of Benin.

Oredo is therefore also the capital of the Historical Benin Empire, making it one of the oldest Cities in the World.

Adding that, Oredo Online Services Platform boasts a plethora of features tailored to meet the diverse needs of citizens and residents of Oredo. Some of its key functionalities include: Convenience, flexibility and reliability.

“Oredo Online Services Platform promotes transparency in governance and residents friendly experience. It is accessible 24/7 and offers a platform for citizens to access multiple services remotely and from the comfort of their home, while eliminating indiscriminate, selective and excessive billing.

“Our aim is to take the lead in digitizing the process of rendering services to residents at Local Government level making it more efficient and seamless”, Obaseki said.

He added that Oredo Online Services Platform is an automated and innovative service delivery platform initiated and executed by his administration and will render various services to Oredo residents in a timely, seamless, and more efficient manner.

The digital platform has also been designed to automate access to services in a way that anywhere in the world, citizens of Oredo can have access to services such as Local Government Origin/Identification Certificate, Marriage Registration, Burial Permit, and other services without being physically present”, he said.