Rivers APC commends Fubara on SEC meeting


By Philip Ezuma, Port Harcourt

The All Progressives Congress (APC) in Rivers State has commended Governor Siminialaye Fubara, the Executive Governor of Rivers State, for resolve to convene a meeting of the State Executive Council (SEC), to make room for a government of the collective, as against dictatorship and totalitarianism.

The Rivers State Caretaker Committee Chairman Chief Tony Okocha made this commendation after the SEC meeting presided over by Governor Siminialaye Fubara on Tuesday, Tuesday, at the Executive Council Chambers of the Government House in Port Harcourt.

Recall that the APC in Rivers State as the leading opposition political party in the State has been in the forefront of advocating for the meeting of the State Executive Council, to make room for healthy debates, and inputs, by members of Council, for the development of Rivers State.

In his commendation, the Rivers APC Leader/Chairman said that the APC in Rivers State will continue to provide useful clues to the Rivers State Government, and continue offering constructive criticisms for the enthronement of good governance in Rivers State without caring ten hoots, whose ox gored.

He added. “SEC meetings are very important to State Governors and the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. It is so crucial that a Governor or President, delegates his power to preside over SEC/FEC to his Deputy/Vice.”

Speaking further, the Rivers APC Chairman added that although it took the Governor up to three (3) months to heed to the consistent call for a SEC meeting by the Rivers APC, the APC in Rivers State still commend him, irrespective of the delay in heeding to the call.

“In any case, we still commend him for giving heed to the advocacy for Government of the collective as against dictatorship and totalitarianism”, Sir Chief Tony Okocha, the Leader/Chairman of the CTC of the Rivers APC submitted.

Though he stated that the latent motive for the SEC meeting after many months, is for the Governor to be careful not to be caught in the web of another possible veto, following the amendment to the principal procurement law of Rivers State, which hitherto allowed sometimes 100% payments to contractors and suppliers doing business in the State.

In the new amendment, the Rivers State House of Assembly puts a seal of 20% as mobilisation to cure the possibility of contractors running away with State Government money.

The Governor was this time smart enough to convoke the SEC Meeting to approve and award a road contract of over 80 billion naira knowing that after 30 days, upon refusal to assent to the bill, the Legislative will latch in on section 100 (1~5), to override him.