2024 guber poll: Ondo South gubernatorial aspirants raises alarm over printing of fake membership card


By Folorunso Ojo, Akure

Seven gubernatorial aspirants from Southern Senatorial District of Ondo state have raises alarm over the printing and distribution of fake membership card to none party members by unnamed aspirants in an attempt to win the party primarily by all means.

Recently the National body of the party carried out revalidation of membership register in Ondo State which they said was shrouded in secrecy and that a lot of their supporters could not have their membership card revalidated before the committee returned back to Abuja.

The seven aspirants, Senator Jimoh Ibrahim, Chief Olusola Oke (SAN), Wale Akinterinwa, Prince Diran Iyantan, Prof Dayo Faduyile OON, Hon. Gbenga Edema and Hon. Jimi Odimayo.

In a joint letter to the National Chairman of the party expressed concerned about the credibility of the forthcoming primaries of the party if something is not done urgently about the membership register.

The letter reads in parts, “We have noticed some issues of concern in respect of the said primary election which if not resolved quickly, may hinder the smooth running of the primary and may be detrimental to a free, fair, credible and acceptable election.

One of the issues is that of the revalidation of the membership register to be used for the primary election.”

“While we commend the position of the party to revalidate the existing membership register which is the certified true copies, as certified by INEC, and based on this directive of the party, as aspirants, we have paid over N300m to the coffers of the party to cover the annual dues of all party members whose names appear on the register, unfortunately, the exercise was shrouded in so much of secrecy that a lot of our party members especially our numerous supporters could not have their membership cards revalidated before the committee that came from the Headquarters left Ondo State for Abuja.”

“We have been inundated by reports that a particular aspirant has gone ahead with massive printing of fake party slips, which he has distributed to a lot of persons who are not even our party members.

“The intention of this aspirant is to corrupt the integrity of the membership register on the day of the primary by making accreditation of party members impossible as non-party members have already been recruited to flood the venues of the primary election that day.

“This massive and pervasive production of the membership cards will certainly precipitate a situation where everyone holding membership cards, notwithstanding that their names are not on the register will be allowed to vote without accreditation.