Sequel to the approval by President Muhammadu Buhari to improve general welfare and conditions of service of teachers, the Minister of Education, Malam Adamu Adamu has officially inaugurated the National Implementation Committee on the revitalization and repositioning of the teaching profession in Nigeria.

Adamu, during the inauguration ceremony in Abuja, yesterday said that due to a clear understanding of the role of the teacher in the emerging knowledge economy and the need to attract and retain the best brains in the nation’s educational institution that the presidents approved a range of incentives to revitalize and reposition the teaching profession.

Among the incentives approved according to the minister, include enhanced entry point for teachers in the Civil Service by restricting entry into the teaching profession only to highly gifted, academically outstanding students/scholars with the right attitudinal and emotional disposition;   Special Teacher Salary Scale for teachers in basic and secondary schools, including provisions for rural posting allowances, science teachers allowance and peculiar allowance; harmonized retirement age and teaching service years for teachers in Nigeria.

Others include Special Teacher Pension Scheme to enable the teaching profession to retain its experienced talents as well as to extend teachers’ retirement age to 65 years and teaching service years to 45 years, and to create a career path policy for the teaching profession in Nigeria.

The Minister said the Terms of Reference of the Committee is to come up with an implementable strategy towards the realization of all the policies approved by the government.

He said the members of the Committee were carefully selected as representatives of the Ministry Department and Agency, MDA, based on their requisite specialty, expertise, and training to ensure theirs achieved result.

According to him, the Committee is sub-divided into 12 sub-Committees to focus on specific areas of intervention.

Adamu said the ministry of education is committed to providing the necessary support to ensure smooth implementation of these policies, adding that the ministry will be presenting a memorandum at the next National Council on the Establishment holding before the end of the year on establishment related issues derived from the policy directives.

He said the ministry is interfacing with the office of Attorney General of the Federation for the re-introduction of the bill that was passed by the 8th National Assembly which was not asserted by the President for legislative action by the 9th assembly.

In his response, the Chairman of the Committee, Arc Sonny Echono appreciated the minister for finding the members worthy of the task, promised that the Committee would adopt the principle of instrumental implementation.