A governorship aspirant in Anambra state under the platform of Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Chief Godwin Ezeemo said that one of the major problems militating against infrastructural development in Anambra was the sudden deviation from the value system that had carried the state so far.

Ezeemo said that in playing politics, NdiAnambra has wallowed in the vicious circle of the present value system ‘ has he got money’.

Speaking to journalists in Awka yesterday, the governorship aspirant maintained that only sincere mind would tackle the problems in the state headlong without compromising the integrity of public service.

He also noted that those playing dirty politics are so selfish that nobody was thinking about the commonwealth, rather, they think about personal wealth.

“Nobody thinks about how to provide for the community where he finds himself. Rather he is looking for how to exploit the community where he lives.

“Religious sentiment is another big problem in our society. Everybody is thinking about does this man come from my church, does he come from my village, which is not supposed to be.

“First of all, people should ask: this man I want to vote does he have the capacity to assist the generality of Anambrarians or Nigerians? If he is not, then why vote for him? If somebody is not capable, then why should you vote for him?

“Here, what determines who goes is either that sentiment prevails or money is shared and the people that give this money are those who in their lifetime, have never put one plus one to get one Naira. Rather, because they found themselves in the corridor of power they loot more than they can even manage; therefore, they want to use it to penetrate their position in holding power to the detriment of the people. That is what is going on.”

However, Ezeemo said that if elected, one of his priority programmes would be power generation.

“You know very well that our income will not support the building of a power generating outfit without other sectors suffering. So my programme is: I will start a robust foundation. Power generation has a long gestation period. If you have enough money you can finish it within four years. For me, all the sectors have to work together to make people comfortable, to make the administration balanced because you have to pay workers and ensure no sector is suffering.

“The reason why the power section will receive a bigger chunk is to ensure that before eight years, either within my administration or someone else, we are able to build a strong power outfit that will supply Anambra power, 24 hours nonstop. With that, I would have solved 50-60% of our problem.

“Once you have power here, a lot of advantages follow. First of all, Anambrarians who are in Diaspora, who live in other parts of Nigeria can come home and establish the same business they are doing there or at least branch of such business. When they do that, they have created jobs so that teeming unemployed youths can get jobs,” he said.

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