Families of 15 Cadets who were wrongfully dismissed from the Nigerian Defence Academy NDA, has demanded justice over the injustice that is been melted out on their children by the Nigeria Defence Academy NDA, Kaduna to its logical conclusion, if not reinstated.
Nigerian Pilot gathered that the NDA were covering story up over two months since the resolution of the House of Representatives that the cadets should be reinstated.
The parents noted that nothing has been done by NDA and Ministry of Defense, adding that they have evidences of unprofessional acts and actions of some officers of the NDA, which could be presented in court, if their children are not reinstated, following the resolution of the National Assembly, which recommended for the reinstatement of the dismissed cadets.
One of the affected parents, Alhaji Mohammed Daura while briefing journalists on behalf of the parents in Abuja on Monday, appealed to relevant authorities to step into the matter, as the patience of the parents is running out, as they will not sit and allow the career of their children to be truncated by anybody
According to Daura, if the NDA continue to disobey the resolution of the National Assembly, the parents of the affected cadets will be forced to make public some of the illegal activities and damaging evidences, which they have in their possession.
“If the NDA refuse to heed to the resolution of the National Assembly by reinstating our children, we may be left with no other option than resort to Constitutional means which may lead to us bringing out all the evidences we have against what was done to our children while in NDA, which the public may not find palatable as they are very distasteful to the ear and eyes. We have them in videos, audio and pictures. we are just trying to patient, but our patience is running out.
“There are a lot of injustice done our children, especially on my son, that I do not want to expose yet, but if they do not follow due process in line with the recommendation of the National Assembly urging the NDA to reinstate our children, we have no option but to expose it for everyone to see.
“It is sadden that a situation where children that have passed out after four years, some five years, on the last day of staying in the school, which is that passing out parade, you come out to say that they have been expelled from the school.
“Also, the revelation on the dorsia review which NDA brought to the National Assembly was wrongly computed. Members of the Public Petition Committee drew their attention to the wrong computation of the dorsia. Because, some officers of the NDA were just looking for all means to withdraw some of this students for reasons best known to them.
“Based on this, we parents are appealing to NDA, that this children have been trained in all forms of Military hardwares for the past four to five years in the school, and they have no criminal indictment against them whatsoever, but because some persons were not happy with them, they decided to expel them,” he said.
He also said that they were reliably informed that some cadets that had higher offenses during the hearing were not tried or indicted for dorsia review, while some cadets that were penciled down for dorsia review were forgiven.
“As parents, we are appealing to NDA not to truncate the careers and ambition of this young Nigerians. However, should the NDA fails to adhere to wise counsels and our appeals, we will be forced to use all other constitutional options that are opened to us, to right the wrong and injustice that is been perpetrated against our children.
“The laws are meant for man and not man for the law. On this note, we are appealing that the NDA should allow wise counsel to prevail. Because, in the Military Act, it is said that in NDA, any cadet that has problems should go through the battalion level, then to CVC, then to Deputy Commandant and then to Commandant.
“But, because of the injustice, they were on parade ground and one officer deceived them that they were going to have an interview with the Commandant in the morning. When they met the Commandant the next morning, they surprised that he just came out and dismissed them,” he said.
He further explained that when the cadets were dismissed, they were handcuffed and kept in the cell for 36hours without food, saying that in the Military Acts, it is stated that nobody can be locked without any criminal offense.
“From investigation carried out by the National Assembly, after their wrongful dismissal in January 2020, none of them have any criminal offense in their files. There are so many evidences that we presented to the National Assembly during the investigation.
It could be recalled, that the House of Representatives had on Wednesday, February 24, 2021 considered the Report of the Committee on Public Petitions on the petition by Mohammed Ibrahim and 53 others against the Nigerian Defence Accademy NDA, on the unlawful withdrawal and relegation of Mohammed Ibrahim and 53 others.
The House then urged the Minister of Defence and the Chief of Defence Staff to instruct the Commandant of NDA in Kaduna state to as a matter of urgency, reinstate the 15 Cadets officers who have completed their courses, were graduated and wrongfully dismissed.

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