The Bayelsa State Deputy Governor Senator Lawrence Ewhrudjakpo at the weekend paid glowing tributes to his mother-in-law, Ezinne Eunice Eberechukwu Tasie, described the death as painful.

The burial which attracted personalities from far and near had Ibaa community in Emuoha of Rivers state locked down.

In his tribute, Sen. Ewhrudjakpo said, “Antie (Dear Mother-in-law), when I came to your house in 1999 you received me as if you had known me for years, A reception a mother would give to her son who had travelled on a long journey and had been away from home for a long time and is being received home was what you accorded me.

“That memory I would forever relish. it was due to that motherly reception that up till death and even forever, I call you Aunty as your son, as your children call you instead of calling you mother-in-law.

“After then seconds became minutes, then minutes became hours, then hours turned to days which amounted to weeks, weeks to months and then years followed.

“Your love for me and motherly attention never waned even during my last visit to New
Year’s day with my children Tutu and Ogaga, you were exceptional at taking pictures insisting we must eat as usual.

“Aunty, there are virtues you taught me impliedly which I assure you I would never forget or abandon. These include but not limited to faith and trust in God, contentment, selflessness, prayerfulness, and dedication to God Almighty.

“No wonder you earned the title of a virtuous woman, God-fearing woman, prayerful woman, pillar of support to the church and the body of Christ hence the title of Ezinne which is rarely bestowed on women of the Anglican Communion was bestowed on you, You were the female species of St. Francis of Assisi.

“You sowed love where there was hatred, the sight where there was blindness, peace where there was conflict, health where there was an illness, wealth where there was poverty, food where there was hunger.

My dear mother we thought you were still going to be around much further to watch over our infant’s head especially your grandchildren but death with its autocratic yet democratic attitude came calling barely one month and one day after our last meeting on the 2nd of January 2021.

“When called while you were on your sickbed you assured me you would soon be discharged and I should see you the next weekend That never came through because you decided to answer the Master’s call matching towards the west embracing the sunset. And as usual with man which is Morning, Afternoon, and Night, your night came on 3rd February 2021.

“We would have been very worried, but because you were a devoted Christian who do not die but rather they transit. We are assured that His promises never fail and you are resting in Abraham’s bosom and we shall surely meet on the resurrection morning to part no more.

Aunty, you have left a very large vacuum in our lives that would never be filled because you were a rare gem of an in-law. Never demanding but very supportive. Never scolding but always embracing and receptive.

Never taking sides or interfering but always encouraging and blessing. These we will greatly miss. But we are consoled by the fact that you are in a better position to do this now because of your current celestial embodiment as the spirit controls the physical. Mummy, Adieu. Rest in peace and see you on the other side of the Jordan.

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