For the record, history will never forgive Buhari and the APC-led Nigerian government for deliberately choosing to immorally and criminally bend the reality of the bloody narrative of how much destruction suspected criminal herders have done to the corporate image of our heterogeneity as a nation?

All over the country, the loudest outcries against the proven cases of crimes being perpetrated by suspected herders are glossed over with impunity. Sadder still is the fact that even in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Abuja, where open grazing has been banned repeatedly by the present Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA), cattle still occupy major highways obstructing traffic flow. Motorists still hoot endlessly and grumble on the wheels.

Farmers around satellite towns in the FCT have been clashing with herders over the destruction of their crops and farms by cattle. Authorities are aware fully aware of this but no one gives a hoot about farmers’ lamentation. Have we officially become a lawless country? Our concern, like many other Nigerians, have expressed openly, is that the way things are going, if care is not taken quickly, the country will implode into a conflagration.

God forbid! There is deep-seated anger all over the country over widespread allegations in the streets and the general perception that the Buhari presidency is supporting the deliberate invasion and occupation of forests and farms of other people in other parts of the country by some suspected criminal cattle rearers who move in colonies openly and leave destructions where ever they go. Unfortunately, the present administration has resorted to a partisan approach to this disturbing issue.

Nothing affirms this better than the fact that the federal-controlled security agencies do not act swiftly in arresting and prosecuting these suspected criminal herders who move about with sophisticated weapons without any fear of questing by any authority or anybody. Many of them rob, kidnap, rape women and commit all sorts of atrocities and they go Scot-free. Are suspected criminal herders above the laws in this country? Why is the Federal Government more interested in hastily taking side with suspected criminals rather than fighting crimes? Surely, this is the manifest clannish and exclusive government that protects just one segment of the larger country instead of protecting all.

Can the unity of this country last longer under this biased circumstance? How can this be acceptable under a democratically elected government where everyone is a bonafide stakeholder? We want to caution this government to take the vexed issue of crimes allegedly being committed by suspected herders around the country serious and address them decisively. The situation is more unpredictably precarious than it thinks. The Buhari government should not be comfortable and safe running a divisive government. In a globalized world, the vulnerability of one is applicable to all.

The situation is gradually slipping out of grip unless this government takes a public interest position over and above preposterous sectional interest in defending criminal suspects and threatening state governments that are taking drastic security measures to defend their law-abiding citizens where the Federal Government has failed woefully.

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