Buhari Media Organisation, BMO on Tuesday said allegations of an Islamization and Fulanization Agenda in Nigeria by the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari are trumped up and baseless theories that have no place in reality.

According to the BMO, the allegations are tools being employed by those who seek to divide Nigerians along ethnic and religious lines.

In a statement signed by its Secretary Cassidy Madueke, while responding to comments made by a former Naval Officer, Commodore  Kunle Olawunmi as well as comments made by the Governor of Benue State, Samuel Ortom, the group stated that those making these incredible claims have neither evidence nor facts to back their words, “and should shut up”.

The group stated that there is in fact no such agenda in place, as it is impossible to implement any such notorious agenda in Nigeria with hundreds of ethnic groups and two major religions divided almost equally across the country’s population.

“We have observed over time, the ridiculous, even offensive commentaries that certain persons have been driving that there is a hidden Islamization and Fulanization Agenda in Nigeria.

“We are embarrassed that people who should be sensible enough to appreciate the structure and character of Nigeria’s heterogenous society are those in the forefront of this demonic sermon.

“Let us state it categorically: there is no such Islamization or Fulanization Agenda. It is a figment of the ugly imaginations of its creators which suits their agenda to sow seeds of division among Nigerians who have lived peacefully with one another for centuries.

“The concept of these agendas sits well with those who are hell-bent on pitching Nigerians against each other and breeding tension among the people”.

The group stated that Nigerians must consciously resist and reject these elements of division and their messages while continuing to live peacefully with one another.

It further urged religious and traditional leaders to hold conversations that reinforce Nigeria’s togetherness and unity, while guiding their wards on the truth against the false agendas of Fulanization and Islamization which it described as “demonic concepts coined to eat into our unity, peace and nationhood.

“Religious and traditional rulers must lead the resistance against those who seek to divide the country using the faiths and traditions they represent.

“Their messages to their wards should speak against false agendas and those who are driving lines of division in the country.

“They must not be like those spent elders who hop from TV station to radio station preaching vile messages of hate and promoting wicked narratives in the bid to make President Buhari look bad. Our religious and traditional leaders should be the torch bearers of peace and unity in the country.”

The group further called on the media, especially broadcast platforms, to refrain from bringing in cantankerous guests who have hidden agendas that are not in the interest of the peace, unity and stability of the country.

“We urge media houses to stop allowing their platforms to be used as launch-boards for messages that stoke tension in the country and are divisive. For electronic media platforms, their presenters must have the courage to request from guests evidence of their claims when they make ridiculous and clearly untrue comments or ask them to retract or leave.

“The media must understand that it has a critical role to play in our nationhood, and must not be found doing the opposite of building: tearing down the country.”


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