The Board of Trustees of  Efunroye Tinubu has refuted the claims that Lagoon Pack Global Resource declared that they are the holders of the power of attorney to Madam Efunroye Tinubu estate.
This rebuff came in a joint statement entitled ‘Rejoinder to Online Publication of Vanguard Newspaper of 16th April, 2021, captioned ‘Public Notice’ by the purported office of Court Appointed Trustees of Iyalode Efunroye Tinubu Estate,’ signed by the chairman of the Board, Alhaji Shittu Adio Kassim Lumosa and Rev. Musiliu Adio Olarewaju Bakare, the secretary of the board of trustees madam Efunroye Family Estate on behalf of the family reads in parts
“The family and trustees of the late Iyalode Efunroye Tinubu have dismissed the claim by Lagoon Park Global Resources Limited of its purported appointment as the family’s attorney, saying the reports circulated in some media, including the social media platforms, are not only false, but forged, phony and fake.
The family ask Nigerians to be wary of the company call Lagoon Park Global Resources Limited. Stressing that  that Lagoon Park Global Resources Limited are “meddlesome interlopers” and doing any business with them in respect of the family is not only dangerous, but also at great cost and risks.
The family reaffirmed that their power of attorney remains with Adamakin Investment and Works Limited, and not Lagoon Park Global Resources Limited as being purportedly circulated in some media.
“Consequently, the public notice by the Lagoon Park Global Resources Limited only succeeded in confusing the general public regarding the state of the management of the estate of our revered matriarch, the late Iyalode Efunroye Tinubu.”
The family believed that Lagoon Park Global Resources Limited “is out to deliberately cause mischief in a bid to force themselves on the Trustees for the purpose of being appointed as attorney,” entreaties of which the family had earlier rejected.
The publication of 16th April, 2021 is part of the sordid campaign of calumny and a filthy desire to put themselves in the affairs of the estate,” the family insisted.
In consequence of the publication and other similar ones, the family stated that it is compelled to state its positions in order to correct “the distortions, barefaced lies, misinformation and concocted innuendoes” for the benefit the public.
The family explained that there was never a time “Mr Temilola Daud Adesanya was given the nod or authorised by the board ofTrustees or members of the Sobowale (branch of the family) who are entitled to present him for appointment to the Trustees or a court, to be appointed as one of the Trustees to the Estate to fill in the gap created by the death of Chief Adams Bilade Lahan.”
Similarly, it said there was never a time or a meeting of the board of Trustees at which it was agreed that Lagoon Park Global Resources Limited be appointed as the sole Attorney or one of the Attorneys to the Estate of Madam Iyalode Efunroye Tinubu.
Consequently, the family said “any purported power of Attorney paraded by Lagoon Park Global Resources Limited or any other person is false, forged, phony and fake, apart from that given to Adamakin Investment and Works Limited and members of the public are hereby warned not to place any premium on it.
The family specifically said there was never a time where the power of Attorney of Adamakin Investment and Works Limited was revoked. “Adamakin Investment and Works Limited (is and) still remains the only Attorney duly appointed by the Trustees and no other(s). These facts were confirmed by the Assistant Inspector-General of Police, Alagbon, Lagos, in his report of investigation dated 11th February, 2016, and other numerous police investigation reports,” they stated.
Speaking at an interview session, Rev. Musiliu Adio Olarewaju Bakare, the secretary of the board of trustees madam Efunroye Family Estate maintain the same stand saying
“Adamakin is the person that we know, every body knows. It is just because of what they are doing that is causing problem within the family by just bringing in people and giving them powers of attoney . They have refused to follow and stand by our rules and regulations of the four people selected to be in the board of Trustees, but we are working to make things right and very soon they will hear from us”

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