… warns Nigerians against falsehood to undermine security agencies
Following an extensive appraisal of the security situation across the 19 northern states, the Coalition of Northern Patriots, CNP, says President Muhammadu and the Nigerian military have successfully quelled the threats posed by criminal elements.
According to the coalition, this feat is particularly impressive considering the concerted effort by some interest groups to undermine troops’ progress.
The CNP made this disclosure in its special report on the security situation in Northern Nigeria.
Speaking on Friday at a press conference to unveil the report to the public in Abuja, Alex Samuel, on behalf of the group, said the appraisal was necessary to put things in proper perspective.
Among others, Samuel noted that assessment tours, interviews with critical stakeholders, religious bodies, community leaders, security agencies as well as civil society organizations and non-governmental organizations were deployed to ascertain the true state of things.
At the end of the exercise, the group concluded that there has been tremendous improvement in the security situation in the 19 states thanks to the military and other security agencies.
The report also highlighted that some elements behind the EndSARS protests may be responsible for the violence in the north in a bid to discredit President Buhari-led government.
The coalition, however, warned Nigerians against falsehood capable of undermining the security agencies.
It recommended that troops review their operational strategies in the light of the evolving nature of the security threats and must be wary of agents of destabilization.
“The Coalition of Northern Patriots an organization dedicated to the socio-economic wellbeing of Northern Nigeria as part of its mandate of assessing the state of affairs in the country with emphasis on the security situation undertook an appraisal of the security situation across the 19 northern states in Nigeria.
“The emphasis on the 19 northern states in Nigeria was hinged on the need to cross-examine the security situation with regards to the efforts of the relevant security agencies in addressing the various security challenges in these states. Consequently, for an in-depth assessment and appraisal, efforts were made towards segmenting states under various subheadings.
“Primary sources of data were employed during the appraisal that included but not limited to on the spot assessment tours, interviews with critical stakeholders, religious bodies, community leaders, security agencies as well as civil society organizations and non-governmental organizations involved in humanitarian services in the states in Northern Nigeria.
“Questionnaires were also distributed across a cross-section of residents in these states to gather first-hand feedback with regards to the security situation in their various domains and the efforts of the relevant security agencies,” the coalition explained.
Analysing its findings, the coalition revealed that prominent security issues in North-Central part of the country include kidnappings and farmers-herders conflict, but that there has been a rapid decline in the activities of kidnappers in these states as a result of the introduction of Operation Sahel Sanity by the Nigerian Army in September 2020.
“Critical stakeholders corroborated this fact. They heaped praises on the various efforts of the security agencies, especially the Nigerian Army, through its various operations that included routine patrols and intelligence gathering.
“It was also observed that the various state governments have been proactive and supportive of the efforts of the security agencies in these states. There has also been a significant synergy between the various security agencies that indeed translated to effective coordination of the security strategies deployed to address the various security threats in the region,” it said.
In the North-East, CNP observed that the main security challenge in the region is the threat posed by the Boko Haram terrorist group, as well as Islamic State of West African Province, ISWAP, but quickly acknowledged that the Nigerian Army has been at the forefront of leading the charge against the terrorists.
“The team of researchers was able to identify that in the six states in North-East Nigeria, the Boko Haram threat has been effectively contained in all but Borno State still experiencing some pockets of Boko Haram attacks on the fringes of the Lake Chad Basin region.
“It was observed that there had been a renewed onslaught by the Nigerian military towards addressing the Boko Haram threat in Borno state through the doubling of efforts and cooperation of the political authorities in the states towards bringing an end to the Boko Haram menace in the state,$ it said, adding that on thought the North-West region has been under the siege of armed banditry by criminal gangs. the introduction of Operation Sahel Sanity by the Nigerian Army had been “the game-changer in addressing the security threats in the region.
“According to reliable facts gathered, Operation Sahel Sanity was a huge success, and it effectively addressed the threats posed by armed bandits and other criminal gangs in the North-West region.
“The issue of cattle rustling has also been reduced to the barest minimum in these states. It was also identified that most of the criminal gangs in operation in the North-West region had been decimated by the combined efforts of the Nigerian military and other critical stakeholders.”
In conclusion, the coalition observed that the operations of the Nigerian military have been very successful in addressing the security challenges posed by criminal elements, despite concerted efforts by some interest groups to undermine the efforts of the security agencies.
It, therefore, called on the media to be wary of unscrupulous elements that have identified the industry as that potent avenue for the propagation of fake news.