Catholic Priest, Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka has blamed security operatives in Enugu State for executing and dumping several bodies of #EndSARS protesters into the Onyeama Hill Valleys.

Mbaka, known for his searing remarks on tricky public issues, dropped the weighty claim on Sunday while delivery a sermon.

The controversial Catholic priest requested that President Muhammadu Buhari apologize to the nation, particularly the young people, on behalf of himself and his predecessors, who had caused Nigerians so many torments.

Mbaka, while conveying a message named ‘Impure Heart’ at the 2020 All Saints Day Holy Mass, expressed that an unadulterated heart brings forth an unadulterated soul while a tainted heart generates malicious soul.

He claimed that numerous young people were being kept in different Correctional Centers over the state and the nation, pronouncing that it is somewhat Nigerian leaders that ought to be in those Correctional Centers.

Mbaka cautioned that pro-Biafra instigators that were being executed extra judicially in all the states and some kept in different police cells and Correctional Centers should stop forthwith. “They ought not contact any of those Biafra young men,” he pushed.

He said his message was not focused at a specific government or individual however terrible administration all in all, adding that “this isn’t about #EndSARS or IPOB. No one is battling any administration, we are battling awful administration.

“This nation can never go back again. Barely any days back at Miliken Hill, after New Market (in Enugu), individuals found cadavers of those that were shot and killed during the ongoing dissent. They unloaded cadavers there while the groups of those youngsters and ladies kept looking for them.

“That is the reason I am disclosing to you that Nigeria can never go back again. If you decide to misjudge me isn’t my concern; that is your cerebral pain.

“Did you anticipate that these youngsters should continue viewing the nation being cheated and plundered dry by the supposed pioneers?” he questioned.