Director General, Follow Better Campaign Organization, Dr. Ndubuisi Eke has accused those he described as “treasury looters” of trying to divert public attention, ostensibly to avert the wrath of the protesting youths.

The organization, which is a political structure of Senator Mao Ohuabunwa, who represented Abia North in the eight Senate, made the allegation in response to a viral video clip posted by an aide to Ohuabunwa’s political rival which he said was orchestrated to incite youths against the former senator.

In the video posted on the Facebook page of one Spartan Arinze, some palatial mansions with fleet of exotic cars were shown and their ownership attributed to Ohuabunwa.

Eke, who dissociated Ohuabunwa from any link with the buildings and posh cars, dismissed the video as “malicious and diversionary.”

He expressed surprise that “those whose activities as public office holders are part of the reasons the youths are protesting are suddenly and cleverly trying to divert attention by pointing at the wrong direction.”

Eke said the Arinze on whose wall the fake video was posted to discredit Ohuabunwa had been discovered to be a camera man to a former governor whose corruption allegations are still a subject matter for the courts to decide on.

He asked Arinze to stop playing to the gallery because Abia youths already know where to go in search of their looted funds when the time comes.

According to Eke, no amount of mischief can deceive Abia youths and stop them from demanding accountability over their looted funds which have made one man richer than the entire state.

Political hirelings like Arinze are the reasons Nigerian youths are on the streets today protesting. Instead of posting an imaginary palacial buildings and cars, and attributing their ownership to Ohuabunwa, he should have posted the video of his payer’s mansions at home and Abuja which sprouted after he had become governor.

“He failed to post videos of the fleet of his master’s shipping line and the Gambia’s national carrier.

“Maybe he forgot that Abians still demand explanations over the sudden disappearance of the printing press bought for the state owned newspaper,” he said.

Dr. Eke wondered why Arinze would want to incite youths against Senator Ohuabunwa whom he said “has maintained a modest lifestyle unlike some greedy politicians who suddenly became supper rich after assuming public office.”