An aspirant in the forthcoming Local government elections in Edo state Mrs. Stella Alli Uhkurebor   has advised the electorate to engage capable hands in running the local economy, in order to help compliment Governor Godwin Obaseki’s drive for development at the grassroots level.
Stella Uhkurebor said this on Tuesday at a press briefing in Benin
Stella Uhkurebor said, “The real situation in our  community today is that everyone want roads, electricity, water supply. It doesn’t matter what the economic policy is; the fact remains that Local government  economy will improve when we have capable hands to run the system. People with a strong resolve to stand by the people the way the Governor is doing.”
“There must be a clear-cut policy by the people to vote in the best hands as they did during the elections that brought Governor Obaseki into office for a second tenure without godfathers.”
She said she was in the race to open up more rural communities by giving them assess roads, water and electricity.
Mrs. Stella Uhkurebor also took time to clear the air concerning her relationship with the late Governor of Edo state Professor Ambrose Alli.
” People always miss the point when I say Ambrose Alli is my father. Of course you know in Edo state where I can from we refer to Uncles as fathers. Apart from that when you have adopted the philosophy of a well known Politician , you can call him your father. But that is how far it goes. Professor Ambrose Alli of blessed memory had his own biological children and he is to me an Uncle whom I love so well.”
She said she has gone to such great length to clear the air because she has been receiving phone calls since she was introduced in a recent media interview as Ambrose Alli’s first daughter “
Mrs. Stella Uhkurebor called on the People’s Democratic Party PDP in Edo state to adopt the Direct Mode of Primaries in its forthcoming primaries in Edo state. This she said will promote Transparency and help ensure the success of the party at the elections.