A non-governmental organization under the aegis of the African Centre for Global Entrepreneurial Leadership (ACGEL), has called on the government at all levels to change the tax policies with the view to encouraging small and medium enterprises to succeed in their businesses.

The Chairman Board Trustee of ACGEL, Pastor Greatness Oladapo said this at the official coronation ceremony of the first-ever King of business and a worthy mentor to emerging entrepreneur, Dr. Adiodun Stephen Oyediran in Abuja.

He said; “As an NGO we are going to push for policy change, especially in the area of double taxation by the government to prevent small businesses from strangulation. We are not for a profit-making organization, so we are saying that these entrepreneurs had incorporated corporate social responsibility into their businesses and to that end, the government policy on taxation must change.

“This is because the businesses are already giving back to society through corporate social responsibility. So the government must reciprocate that gesture by reviewing its tax policies on small businesses in order to encourage them to succeed and create jobs for other youths”.

He recalled that in the 60s and 70s, there was nothing like unemployment in Nigeria, saying ‘unemployment was not Nigeria’s problem at the time, so we were faced with different problems entirely’.

Pastor Oladapo avers that unemployment in Nigeria is artificial, not original and every artificial problem has a remedy.

“It is on the strength of the foregoing that we believed that for a business that started 12 years ago to have to build up a staff strength of over 180 and still aspiring to increase it to 400 in no distant future is a king making an impact, so he is the best-placed person to assume the role of a king. The emerging entrepreneurs will meet him, and he will mentor them into success”.

He said that Dr. Abiodum is an astute entrepreneur and a job creator par excellence, adding that his major role in the project of employment generation is to mentor the next generation of entrepreneurs.

He said that a new generation that knows nothing about unemployment is coming, stressing that “Abiodum is the first king ever that we are bringing to the national echelon of this project”.

“We have never done this before and he is going to bring his requisite knowledge to bear in encouraging the younger generation of entrepreneurs and in doing so he will leave a legacy in their lives,” he added.

On his part, Dr. Abiodun Stephen Oyediran said that his coronation as the king of business by the African Centre for Global Entrepreneurial Leadership is a call for higher service.

He promised to do anything within his power of limit of resources to encourage the emerging entrepreneur.

He said that one of the major challenges confronting small and medium enterprise in Nigeria is lack of access to finances, adding that as a starter, he was compelled to reject some contracts not because he lacked the technical ability to execute the job but because he could not access bank loans then.

Recall that African Centre for Global Entrepreneurial Leadership (ACGEL), is pulling together over $1trillion fund for job creation to fight unemployment in Nigeria over the next 10 years.

The group said only interested applicants ready for its training and mentorship in fashion, agriculture, technology, housing, education, and re-investment programs stand to benefit from the first batch of N60,000 million.

ACGEL is a registered non-governmental organization, whose operation in Nigeria and Africa, is aimed at training and mentoring prospective entrepreneurs to help reduce unemployment by creating jobs for the people.

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