Home Entertainment, TV Division Product Manager, LG Electronics West Africa Division, Mr. Mike Ahn has described it GX Gallery series OLED TV as completely natural making daily life better through technological innovation and design.
Ahn, who stated during a virtual meeting recently, noted that the GX gallery series presents instant sophistication that ensures improved spatial integration to its customers across the globe.
Ahn said, “Arriving at the finished product wasn’t at all easy. “Like all great designs, the design of the GX Gallery series feels completely natural and entirely unforced”.

He said, “When LG Electronics introduced its jaw-dropping “wallpaper” OLED TV, it was hard to imagine how LG engineers and designers could top this product. That’s exactly what they did.

“Introducing LG GX Gallery series OLED TV, available in 65- and 77-inch screen sizes, LG’s GX Gallery series TVs deliver everything that was cutting-edge about the wallpaper TV without the need for a separate soundbar to house all the electronics.

“The company’s success in creating a product that fuses together form and function so seamlessly has earned recognition from the world’s most prestigious design award programs, its 65-inch GX Gallery series OLED TV winning the Best of the Best title at the Red Dot Design Award and top honors at the iF Design Award 2020.

“This advanced TV’s perfectly executed minimalist aesthetic and integrated bracket that allows for flush-to-the-wall mounting are the outcome of LG’s peerless gallery design. A triumph of human-centered industrial design, the GX Gallery lineup would not look out of place in an art gallery exhibit, displayed as a series of understated, ultra-modern sculptures.

” It is this refined, artistic quality that the TVs bring to consumers’ homes and what enables them to complement and augment practically any existing décor.

“At the core of the gallery design is the creation of a complete TV that can fit harmoniously within a given space – a concept LG’s designers refer to as “adding spatial value.”

The team behind the GX Gallery stayed true to its original vision throughout the entire development process, working closely with LG engineers to deliver a new kind of TV. The results speak for themselves: an advanced OLED TV with a thickness of less than 20 millimeters and a built-in, ultra-slim bracket that hugs the wall and is completely hidden from view

The gallery design would not have been possible without OLED, a technology which LG’s expertise remains unmatched.

OLED’s inherent thinness enabled the designers to pursue the unique and elegant slender form factor they envisioned and see it become a reality.

LG’s OLED technology is also what enables the TVs to provide such unforgettable viewing experiences, with phenomenal color expression, infinite contrast and a wide viewing angle.

“Creating a sense of harmony wherever they’re installed, LG’s GX Gallery series TVs are designed to effortlessly fit in with modern consumers’ lifestyles, providing more possibilities to curate their living spaces and more room to enjoy life.

Featured in the OLED Gallery Series is the α (Alpha) 9 Gen 3 AI Processor. The company’s third-generation processor builds on the capabilities of its predecessors, leveraging additional processing power and advanced deep learning algorithms to further boost picture and sound quality on the new TVs”.

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