Media personality Uti Nwachukwu recently took to his page on Twitter with some words of wisdom for those who care to listen. The young man who is known to roll with a lot of people in the entertainment industry talked about the importance of keeping good friends and the role they should play.

According to Uti, a good friend should never allow another friend to react emotionally in whatever situation because such actions do not end well.

He noted that a good friend should always be the one to advise others to hold on before reacting to situations. Uti also submitted that people should keep friends who they respect, listen to and keep them in check. He said: “If you are a good Friend, NEVER EVER allow your friend React Emotionally in ANY SITUATION cos it NEVER ENDS WELL. Always be the one to say- “wait, don’t say or do anything now” Then you, if u have sense, make sure u have that friend that CHECKS YOU! That u respect and listen to.”