One of the most respected traditional rulers in Ogun State has described herdsmen activities in the South Western part of Nigeria as a pure hardship and indirect slavery to the Yoruba nation, which can also lead to civil war if the problem is not nipped by the bud.

His Royal Majesty, Oba Ebenezer Akintunde Akinyemi (Akaosu 1), Eselu of Iselu Kingdom in Yewa North Local Government area of Ogun State, made this known in an interview with the pressman in his hometown, Oja Odan.

The monarch explained that he was fully in support of the actions taking by Sunday Adeyemo, popularly called Sunday Igboho by flushing out Fulani herdsmen out Southwest Nigeria.

Eselu said “the herdsmen have kept erring repeatedly and if a lasting solution is not provided to the challenges the pose now, we will have to start receiving them on our doorsteps where wives and children will be slaughtered in the presence of their fathers”.

He said, the activities of High Chief Sunday Adeyemo AKA Sunday Igboho and freedom fighters at Igangan in Ibarapa North Local Government part of Oke Ogun in Oyo State, is commendable and his visit to Ogun State is a welcome one as well. He believes this will checkmate the illegal activities of Fulanis in our border areas and also send warning signals to them.

“I Oba Ebenezer Akintunde Akinyemi Eselu of Iselu Kingdom “stands for liberation, I stand with Sunday Igboho and I fully support Oduduwa republic.”

“I’ve been fighting this Fulani alone for the past fifteen years, that I have assumed this throne of traditional rulership at this boarder town. And I must tell you that I was very happy when I saw the multitude of people and youths that followed Mr. Adeyemo and I know that this fight is a freedom fight”.

He continued “My people are suffering from Fulani herdsmen and Customs activities but everything will soon be resolved”.

He said, there was a time he got interlocutory injunction at high court against this open grazing of cattle and illegal break down of farmer silos after a farm and all its produce were destroyed.

He further explained that these people derive joy in destroying farmers yield by leading their cattle into the farms. Furthermore, he said seven years ago, some Fulani men raped a woman and even killed her on the spot, the case was taken to the court for justice, but the culprits still managed to go scot-free.

“Another challenge is the emergence of this Bororos; they are the men coming into the country through our forest illegally. This usually happen during the dry season. They come all the way from The Republic of Benin because the Government of the country had once made a law that they don’t want to see any Fulani in their land any more. So this was what made the Fulanis to see Nigeria as their home once there is no legislation against their indiscriminate entry”.

Eselu said, he won’t accept threat from any foreigner on his people, with the Fulanis raring cattle with AK47, which is not lawful, because it has never been in the record that any Westerner has gone to the North to create a nuisance.

It is of no doubt that there are a lot of tribes living together in harmony in Yewa North, Ogun State. They have Igbos, Hausas, and they have over 1000 of them living among them without no problem.

While urging the Inspector General of Police IGP to brace up and take over the responsibility of this country more than before, he advised the Federal Government and the IGP to recruit more personnel and empower them with good ammunition that fit their respective offices.

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