Leader of outlawed pro-Biafra group, IPOB, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, has said that his group would do everything humanly possible to resist the security outfit formed by Miyetti Allah, cattle breeders union.

Kanu who disclosed in a release made available to the media, wondered how Miyetti Allah, adjudged to be one of the deadliest sponsor of a terror group, should float a security outfit and said that they will not allow Fulani terrorise Biafraland.

The IPOB leader who believes that the Federal Government has given a tacit approval to the establishment of such outfit, said IPOB will rise and flush out the members of the Miyetti Allah security outfit wherever they sight them in any Biafraland.

“Given the overwhelming evidence that the Fulanized Federal Government has given its tacit blessing to Miyetti Allah to proceed with this sinister move, the IPOB has resolved to take the following immediate steps:

“The IPOB will, henceforth, regard as a hostile and occupying force any Fulani posse, whether deceptively called a security outfit or vigilante found anywhere in Biafraland. Accordingly, the IPOB will take appropriate measures to expel such force, measure for measure.

“If the Fulani Federal Government attempts to assist or otherwise enable Miyetti Allah to stay put in Biafraland, the IPOB will escalate its response to include but not limited to equally forming counter-security outfits in all states of the far North where the Fulani are predominant,” Kanu declares.