Following abduction of school children in Kagara area of Niger state on 17 February, 2021, parents in the nation’s capital Abuja has blamed the Federal Capital Territory Administration FCTA, over poor infrastructures and porous security around some boarding schools in Abuja satellite towns.

Specifically, parents of Government Secondary school GSS, Karshi, said they are worried that a boarding school built in an isolated location, and surrounded by bushy mountains , have no perimeter fence around it for maximum security.

Investigation revealed that GSS Karshi has hundreds of students, both Male and female, as boarders, but lacks a complete perimeter fence.

It was learnt that the contract for the perimeter fence was awarded since 2010, but up till now, only the front part of the school was completed with a gate as a camouflage, while a vast part of the back side of the premises remain open and susceptible to attack.

One of the parents, Mr Jeffrey Akachukwu lamented that the worst aspect of the worrisome situation, was the alleged occupation of part of the school land by Fulani herdsmen.

Akachukwu who was furious that both herdsmen and farmers were allowed by the school authority to use the school exit gate as a thoroughfare, also expressed fears that the porosity of environment portend dangers.

According to him, “no excuse was reasonable enough to leave a boarding school without a well secured and watched perimeter fence.

“The excuse that the school’s perimeter fence project was stalled because someone encroachment on the school’s land and is also claiming ownership was not tenable, as overriding public interest clause in Nigeria’s extant laws has taken care of that”.

He further queried ” why are herdsmen allowed to be occupying part of the school’s land, is the management of the school and FCT administration not seeing the mountainous forest that surround the school, are they waiting until an evil day comes before appropriate actions are taken ?

Reacting to the development, a top management staff of FCT Education Secretariat who pleaded anonymity, said that water tight arrangements have been worked out to beef up security around the boarding schools.

The source refused to disclose what the security arrangements entail, claiming that it was security issues that ought not be divulged.

It was also confirmed by the source, that GSS Karshi has no complete fence, because the contractor encountered an obstacle on the way, when a private individual started claiming part of the school’s property.

” I cannot tell you what we are doing to secure our schools, it is a security issue, and we can’t make it public.

“As for Gss Karshi, we are making effort to complete the fence. The contractor had to stop work, when someone started claiming ownership of part of the school property.

“We have made our reports, but due to the bureaucracy in government , nothing has been done”, the source added.

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