“Why is the empowerment expenditure of the present government so shrouded under a toga of self-acclaimed anticorruption government? Why was it difficult for the ministry to honour federal law makers’ accountability summon when necessity demanded?”

It is rather interesting that the present government runs on brazen demagoguery and hifalutin promises. From security, economy and political restructuring of the country, it has reeled out quantum of promises since 2015 without fulfilling them. Now, it has come out with something even more gargantuan: the promise to lift 100 milllion Nigerians out of poverty in ten years time!

This has been the sing-song of the present administration and its most vociferous mouth piece is the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs. At every occasion, the megaphone is very loud with this mountainous ambition. The latest was in Taraba State during the recent flag off ceremony for cash grant disbursement of 20 thousand naira each to 250 women. It was reported that Federal Government is targeting 150,000 vulnerable women in the country.

According to the minister who was represented by Director of Legal Services in the Ministry, Mr Garba Haganawega, the present government has devoted itself to poverty alleviation programmes through cash donations nationwide.

“Since the inception of President Buhari’s administration in 2015, the government has paid more attention to protecting and promoting the plight of the poor and vulnerable persons in the country and this informed the decision to initiate the national social investment programme as a strategy for enhancing social inclusion of the most vulnerable segments of our society”, she stated.

Furthermore, she paid glowing adulation to the government saying that since the introduction of the programme in 2016, “it has impacted positively on the lives of the poor and vulnerable persons in Nigeria. Many of such people have complete turnaround in their lives”.

We are curious as many Nigerians. How? Where? And who are the beneficiaries? Every enlightened Nigerian knows that this is more of a hoax than real.

The Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs is about the most controversial agency of government in this administration in terms of corruption allegations by the public, especially with its lavish bazaar of cash donations to the so-called poor.

Arguably, real empowerment is attainable through provision of social infrastructures, not doling out unaccounted public monies to feed school children, poor women, etc. If this government had fixed power with all its peacock ego and promises, more people would have been empowered nationwide. It would have boosted small and medium scale businesses to support the poor and middle class entrepreneurs.

How can the Ministry hold claim to any genuine empowerment when it does not have or operate any company with employment capacity? How can N20,000 support a family with children who must go to schools, eat three square meals, go to hospitals when they fall sick, among several other exigencies? Where is the strategy for the actualisation of this gigantic ambition to pull 100 million poor citizens out of poverty? What data are you working with?

Besides, why is the empowerment expenditure of the present government so shrouded under a toga of self-acclaimed  anticorruption government? Why was it difficult for the ministry to honour federal law makers’ accountability summon when necessity demanded?



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