Mike Tyson and Roy Jr’s, much-anticipated exhibition boxing fight ended in a draw according to the judges decisions, Daily Mail.
Tyson tagged Jones with body shots and a handful of head punches during the bout that marked his return to action after 15 years.
The Baddest man on the Planet wore his traditional black trunks while Jones paid tribute to Kobe Bryant as he wore trunks with Lakers’ yellow and purple.
The fight was an eight two-minute rounds, and both the 54-year-old and the 51-year-old were smiling at the end as proceeds were raised for charity.
The event was held at Staples Center, home ground of the NBA champions LA Lakers as fans were thrilled to an entertaining contest as booth fighters had impressive moments.
Tyson said after the fight: “This is better than fighting for championships. “We´re humanitarians now. We can do something good for the world.
We’ve got to do this again. I would absolutely do this again.”
Jones also commented on the fight: “The body shots definitely took a toll. “It´s something to take the punches that Mike throws. I’m cool with a draw.
Maybe we can do it again.” However, fans were disappointed with the outcome of the result as they believed Tyson was robbed of victory against Jones.
One fan wrote on Twitter: “A DRAW?!?! Did I watch the same fight as the judges?? Tyson wins no doubt!” A second added: ‘Mike Tyson was just robbed live on television.”
A third commented. “!Judges gave the match a draw like Roy Jones kidneys not begging for their lives right now.”