Title: Dear Bayo

The film follows National Youth Service Corp, NYSC member Bayo and a young lady he meets and goes gaga for in his place of the task. The youthful couple needs to conquer the troubles in their own lives to be together, Our correspondent ERE-EBI AGEDAH IMISI writes


Dear Bayo is a love story between a youth corper Bayo played by Chimezie Imo and a girl he meets Ebipade played by Tunbosun Aiyedehin, both from humble backgrounds are smitten by each other but have to overcome difficulties in their personal lives to be together.


Movie Credit

Director: Imoh Umoren

Writer: Imoh Umoren

Stars: Tunbosun Aiyedehin, Chimezie Imo


The detail of this movie is pretty straightforward and easy to comprehend as it is centred on a youth corp member Bayo who meets Ebipade, a girl in his place of assignment and falls in love with her. Bayo and Ebipade are both from humble backgrounds and are smitten by each other, but have to overcome difficulties in their personal lives to be together.

Ebipade is an elder sister with two siblings who has a father who is a drunkard and irresponsible and leaves the responsibility of catering for the children to Ebipade without any financial or moral support.  The movie opens up with the titular Bayo meeting Ebipade, who tells him that her father physically abuses her.

Rahinna is a friend of Ebipade who is blind but is always willing to help Ebipade whenever she runs broke as was seen in the movie when Ebipades younger ones were ill and her father had taken all her savings.

There are a few darkly bleak scenes where the young, blind girl Rahinna is bleeding, dead. And Bayo is mobbed by an irate crowd, partly bloodied and in one scene, he’s held back and clubbed by a plank. Bayo is played by Chimezie Imo, a fast-rising actor who has featured in a handful of television shows and movies like Battleground, Castle and Castle, The Cure and MTV Shuga season 6.



The film which runs for 120 minutes was mostly shot in Niger Delta and it might be quite depressing for an emotional movie viewer. There was some display of rape and abuse in the movie hence reducing its romantic theme. I noticed that it was almost only one song that was played throughout the movie and it got me thinking if the producer had a pact with the musician.

It is a movie that young people should watch as it teaches that love is never good enough as a reason to be with someone, other factors like financial status, the family must also be considered.


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