…. in pockets of Nigerians

*That he would only feel better as president when lives of citizens improve

*Explains that economy not progressing as fast as he wants

*But deliverables achieved so far gives hope for better tomorrow

Looking back at his five years in office as President, Muhammadu Buhari said his greatest regret is that despite international ratings, lives of Nigerians are yet to improve as he had expected.

For this reason, the President said he would only feel better as the number one citizen when lives of Nigerians improve, stressing that his administration is working hard to get to that level.

Buhari, who spoke in an interview with TheSignature50 magazine, however assured Nigerians that hope is not lost as his administration is currently working hard to ensure that the lives of Nigerians improve beyond ratings and indices.

“We have been rated as Africa’s largest economy by different verifiable indices, how does that make one feel as President of Nigeria, of course, one feels as President, but that is not enough.

“I will feel a lot better when we go beyond just rating and statistics and the majority of Nigerians begin to feel the impact of that rating.

“When Nigerians prosper, when the quality of their lives improve dramatically when our status as the largest economy reflects in their pockets, then I will feel a lot better,” the President stated.

On his achievements so far, Buhari expressed happiness that the economy is no longer in the forlon state that it used to be, regretting however, that the progress being made is not as fast as he would have wanted.

“The deliverables achieved so far however gives hope that things are looking up,” the President declared.

He therefore insisted that the Nigerian vision is to ensure that the economy has buffers to shield it from crude oil shocks.

Our experience as a mono-product economy is that whenever any international upheaval affects the price of oil, Nigeria is drastically affected.

“The vision we have is to put our economy in a shape that the rains does not need to beat us when rainy days come in the international market.

“We should be able to hold our own with other sectors like agriculture, manufacturing, solid minerals and many others, that is the national plan and vision,” Buhari further declared.

He therefore assured Nigerians that his administration would try as much as possible to cushion the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on both public and private sectors.