Prof. John Imonbhio Abhuere, former director of the National Youth Service Corps and Founder and Chairman, Centre for Child Care and Youth Development, CCYD, has stated that there is a need for heightened efforts in nation-building as opposed to region-building which had been in vogue in Nigeria overtime now.

He made the call recently during his 70th birthday celebration held in Abuja.

Prof. Abhuere posited that it was clear that regionalism has been an act of regression and its path and pursuit by leaders has been largely responsible for the dearth of patriotism, nationalism, altruism, and the prevalence of hatred, distrust, and disunity in the country today.

While presenting a preview of his book titled; “making Nigeria Great Today: The Restructuring Debate A Review- Is Regionalism the Answer? – Invitation To Nation Building In Nigeria. He said regionalism should be rejected because of its many sins and that its time had passed, and it was highly disruptive and counter-productive to national unity with its divisive, hermitic, misanthropic, and apartheid values and orientations.

According to him: “Nigerians love their country and want it to be great and that the collective concern for the progress and unity of the country and expression of disappointment with the slow pace of development, the prevalence of underdevelopment, insecurity, poverty, and corruption across the land and the non-fulfillment of the dreams of independence many years after its attainment, mandated the need for positive action and to change gear from an emphasis on region-building to nation-building.

“The road taken in the past was full of many unnecessary thorns that should be avoided today,” he said.

He cited some of the many numerous challenges impeding the nation’s development to include, the failure to fulfill the promises of independence, the lack of executive capacity by the political elite for meaningful development, their abandonment of the cause of national development, unwillingness to do the needful for national unity and general failure in nation-building.

The former director said development, not regionalism is the answer today to the nation’s problems of disunity, poverty, and underdevelopment. While urging Nigerians to focus on the real things and do what is right and rewarding to all.

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