National Coordinator of AUD-NEPAD/APRM, Princess Gloria Akobundu has called for the support of the National Assembly for better funding and legislative frameworks to fight poverty at all levels.

She made the request during the 2021 budget defense at a joint session of the House and Senate committees oversighting the agency

The Committees on Integration and Cooperation in Africa are chaired by Senator Chimara oke Nnamani and Mohammed Bago, respectively.

The national coordinator said her priority is cooperation to get things going for the country

“My plea to this respected House, you gave me the job to oversee us and seeing us perform with little or nothing in the past. But with your commitment to ensuring that NEPAD succeeds, we want to plead that you look into our budget and assist us because it is very lean.

“Like an oversight visit, the members were surprised that we could use air conditioners. So looking at what we are supposed to do, which is poverty eradication and also the challenges of this present generation where we have a lot of youths especially with the challenges posed by COVID-19 I believe NEPAD can do a lot to encourage the people, especially women in rural communities who are known for poverty eradication.

“Before, there was something like Keke-Napep to alleviate poverty, so some of these poverty alleviation programme should be domiciled in NEPAD so that we can execute them and give you a proper update of what we have done,” Akobundu stressed.

She also solicited for enhanced annual budgetary allocation to effectively discharge the mandate of the agency, stressing that the current budget is very lean and we cannot function with it. So we plead with you to look into that and support us to do our job better.”

Speaking, however, Bago observed that the committee had during a recent oversight function to NEPAD seen their performance.

He noted that the joint committee had reviewed the budget before the arrival of the team, explaining that everybody has a draft copy of the budget which they are working on.