As part of measures to ascertain a comprehensive data to work out effective measures to check the impact of climate change, the country needs to integrate climate change education into the school curriculum.
Speaking on this need, Former Director-General, Nigeria Metrological Agency, NiMet, Dr. Anthony Anuforom, who gave the advice to the press in Abuja said that the impact of climate change could be reduced by enlightening people about the causes and ensuring that individuals, as well as communities, were prepared to cope with the impact through adaptation to mitigation measures.
According to Anuforom integration of Climate Change education into school curriculum as envisaged in the National Policy on Climate Change, would reduce the impact, especially in states that are vulnerable to flood disasters.
He therefore advised State governments to liaise with NiMet to disseminate whether forecast in local languages as part of the Climate Change education Programme.
The former Director General of NiMet said Lake Chad and other lakes in the country were drying up and at risk of disappearing while Temperature had risen significantly since the 1980s.
“Climate projections for the coming decades reveal a significant increase in temperature over all the ecological zones. A lot has been happening on climate change and it can be traceable back to the emission of Carbon dioxide and other gases in to the air, these are called Green House gases. To treat the issues of climate change you have to go back to the history. Economies have been developing with invention of machines. Carbon dioxide used to fuel these machines as well as these Green House gases does a lot to the atmosphere and causes climate change and causing temperature of the earth rising to some degree temperature before pre mechanized era. The excess energy trapped in the air causes the weather to change abnormally. Extreme weather effects such as cyclone, tsunami are caused by extreme climate change. And NiMet with is newly sophisticated hardware and equipment is doing it’s best to give appropriate weather forecast. The Agency is picking up things to ensure accuracy in it’s weather forecast and to keep pace with it’s contemporaries. The country at the out break of Ebola has been able to assist other African countries with accurate weather forecast. The WHO requested for our highly recommended forecast and that was how our service of giving weather forecast to other countries to enable health workers cope with the climate of a particular region or country in order to deliver proper health care services. Also NiMet’s project of Saving Life at Sea, is one of the ways the Agency can increase it’s IGR so as to improve the country economic growth and development,” Dr. Anuforom explained.
He stressed that there were few comprehensive reports and papers that provided useful evidence and discussion of the various impacts of climate change throughout Nigeria.
Anuforom explained that the vast majority of the literature that provided evidence of climate change impacts and responses, however, focused on the agricultural sector and on individual farming communities in particular regions of the country.

Meanwhile a statement by the World Bank indicates that Climate change could force 216 million people across six world regions to migrate within their countries by 2050, with Sub-Saharan Africa accounting for 86 million.

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