President General, Ohanaeze Ndigbo worldwide, Prof. George Obiozor has called on the Federal Government to ensure that peace reigns in the country by not doing anything that would fractionalize Nigeria, cause anarchy and disintegration.

According to  Obiozor who was addressing a world press conference after his maiden press conference in Enugu, Thursday said at the moment, the dream of having a united Nigeria was fast receding and fading by the day as a result of mounting violence, crises and conflicts that have bedevilled the nation in recent time.

The Ohanaeze chieftain, therefore urged the Federal Government that in the interest of peace in the prevailing circumstances where banditry and agitations for self-rule seem to be the order of the day, the government should not apply force to quell the crises.

He advised that political leaders must make haste and make careful and delicate choices to solve the Nigerian problem which is the “Nigerian question ” rather than explores the use of force that could further aggravate the situation.

“Sub-national consciousness or ethnocentric nationalism which is a dangerous form of nationalism to national unity and empires has taken over Nigeria, the dream of Nigeria unity is receding and fading fast with violence, crises and conflicts.

” The result of all these is the rise of ethnic militias, agitation for secession, self a determination, insurgency, banditry, etc.  These are historical protracted and unwinnable wars by nations and empires and there will be no exception.

“And among other issues in a contest in Nigeria today, this situation has produced the state of insecurity throughout the country.  Today, Nigerians have no place to hide and also since there is nothing new in history, has a solution for these national problems,” he said and advised the Federal Government to learn from history and seek peaceful options that can guarantee national unity and peaceful coexistence.

“I, therefore, urge the Federal Government to reconsider the use of force in solving the present national crises.  Again, history shows that military violent means to solve the national question is bound to fail as it leads to further national fractionalization, anarchy and eventual or inevitable disintegration, as in all empires or multi-national state or countries,” he advises.

Obiozor who had earlier commended the South-East Governors for taking the initiative to set up a joint regional security outfit known as Ebubeagu to check rising crimes and criminality in the zone said the IPOB’s Eastern Security Network, ESN, was a welcome development so long as their activities do not jeopardize Igbo interest.

“Any group that engages in anything that puts Ndigbo in harm’s way, I shall speak out.  Igbos are not against any organization working for the interest of Ndigbo but they must not cross the line,” he said while fielding questions from journalists after his address.

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