Acting Chief Judge of Kogi, Justice Henry Olusiyi has said that courts and correctional officers in Kogi are working effectively, stressing that Dekina Custodial Centre with 14 inmates and capacity for 105 is underutilized.

Justice Olusiyi disclosed this at Dekina custodial  Centre on Tuesday while on a tour of the six Custodial Centres (Correctional facilities) in the state with an emphasis on cleanliness to check infestation of diseases.

The Kogi Chief judge who commenced the tour with a visit to Dekina and Ankpa Custodial Centres reviewed warrants of 35 Awaiting Trial Inmates incarcerated for various criminal offences in the centres.

He noted that there was a need for the custodial centres to be kept clean and neat to avoid communicable and other diseases, stressing that the clinics of the custodial centres did not have drugs to take of minor diseases.

“In the clinic also they don’t have essential drugs, for instance, the inmates in this centre, most of them are infected with infectious skin diseases, and they don’t have drugs”, he said.

However, he commended the two visited correctional centres for their cleanness: “What we have seen is good in terms of cleanness. The environment is clean and the officers are doing well with the little that they have.

“That is a takeaway from this visit. That our correctional centres are not congested. Ankpa and Dekina are not congested. That means that our courts are working and our correctional officers are also working”.

Justice Olusiyi stressed further that “We have already said it to our courts at all the stages that the essence of our mandate is the administration of justice and justice sometimes delayed can be justice denied and at the same time Justice sometimes rushed can be Justice crushed.

“So we need to balance the two, make sure that whatever we do, we do not allow cases to linger in our courts and at the same time, do not over rush them so that we don’t miss out on the Justice of the matter”.

He commended the Chief Superintendent of Corrections in Ankpa Custodial Centre, Umoru Onuh and Superintendent Omole Olumuyiwa of Dekina and their officers and men for a job well done.