The Youth Wing of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), in Kaduna State, have has warned Mr. Philip Atagah to desist from his coordinated and irresponsible attack of Senator Danjuma Laah.
The party also said that Mr. Atagah’s continued mobilization of cheap writers to denigrate and discredit the good work of Senator Danjuma Leah to score cheap political goals could attract severe consequences.
The PDP youth, Kaduna State Chapter, gave this warning during a meeting to review the possibility of instituting legal action against Mr Atagah and his accomplices for character assassination.
Malam Aminu Musa who spoke on behalf of the aggrieved youths said that Atagah should come clean and stop misleading the general public.
While warning that Senator Danjuma Laah should not be distracted, the youths alleged that Mr Atagah is trying to obtain money he hasn’t worked for.
“We are disturbed at the incessant inciting statements coming from a paid writer whose write-up failed to state the real fact but was used to create cheap attention as our political leader can not and would not be distracted. Nevertheless, such assignment will be an impossible job to do considering the pedigree of Senator Danjuma Laah.
“May we remind Atagah and Co that distinguished Senator Danjuma Laah is the elected political leader of the Southern Kaduna People in Nigeria and in diaspora. We are aware of many enemies of Southern Kaduna people that use cheap conductors of blackmail and conflict entrepreneuers whose attitude is known.
“Senator Danjuma Laah has worked and contributed effortlessly to see that Southern Kaduna improves greatly and deserves better.
However, we shall not tolerate agents that are  trouble makers and  who think they can disrespect our elders while we watch with blind eyes”.
Noting that some friends are like pennies, two-faced and worthless, the youths said “It is in this regard that we are strongly appealing to them to stop their unhealthy activities against the unity of Southern Kaduna”.
They added, “It’s important to bring to the knowledge of the general public from a reactionary note made available from one Bege Mark who published the following on his facebook page”.
The facebook post which is titled “That Atagah false claim of N1 million Naira from Distinguished Senator Danjuma La’ah on medical outreach in 8 local government areas of zone 3: puting the records straight,” reads:
“It has become pertiinent for me to clear the air on the issue above because I am the one who introduced Ataga to them ‘Shettiman Kagoro’. So I stand in a better position to give a clearer picture of the whole event. Apart from fabricating lies and trying to gain cheap publicity, the ‘Randy Hotelier cum Doctor’ is being used by the political opponents of Senator Danjuma La’ah to destroy the hard earned reputation and political image of the Masses General of Zone 3 ahead of the 2023 General Election.
“When the guy contacted me to do a Medical Outreach in 2018, I informed Oga and Ataga  was immediately invited to defend his Proposal and he agreed to do the following: ‘Bring a Team of Medical Doctors for the excercise, the Team was to visit all the 8 Local Government  Areas for the exercise and to ensure Ataga’s active participation since it is an issue concerning human health, which needs feedback’.
“Contrary to the plan, Ataga brought his  ‘Non-Medical Girlfriend’ and her inexperienced I.T Students (School of Health)  without a single Medical Doctor as previously agreed. He only covered Jema’a, Kachia and Kaura leaving the other 5 L.G.A’s. He was not steady despite offer of Hotel and Feeding by the Senator. Instead he was shuttling from Kaduna supervising his Hotel and Night Club Shows by Artists from Lagos.
“Not impressed with his breech of the agreed work plan, the God fearing and kind hearted Senator paid him #1 million naira with instruction for him to go and complete the work then come for the said balance but he ran away and never returned to do the work up till date.
“Now that 2023 is around the corner, he has succumbed to blackmal and media propaganda to destroy the Senator via political opponents justling for the Senate seat in the coming election.We have Video and Pictures of all that transpired”.
The post continued that by this publication, Ataga is mandated to go and complete the work with Professional Doctors or kindly return the money given to him, failure of which a Legal Action will be taken on him for duping Distinguished Senator La’ah and putting people’s lives at risk through ‘Quack’.
Dr. Bege Saidu Mark also mandated Ataga to write an Apology in 5 National Dailies within 14 Days or risk being drawn to a Court of Law for Defamation of the Senators character.
In a similar situation the convener of Senator Danjuma Laah 100% Volunteer group, Hon.Victor Mathew Bobai said that the statement credited to the publisher of Elanza Media outfit, carrier of Atagah’s utterances is very irresponsible, unacceptable and basically childish.
He added that it is also immoral on his part to have made that statement without verifying facts and figure because it’s said that he who must come to equity must come with clean hands.
He accused the author of suffering from diarrhoea of the mouth and does not know when to mix Political play with professionalism and when to be serious on important  issues.
He challenged the publisher to enumerate what he has achieved for trying to destroy a good Man’s name.

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