…PDP, Soyinka tells FG, says Nigeria is at war

… Say time has come for APC-led govt to engage mercenaries to help fight insurgency

… Govt should not continue to pretend over rising insecurity in Nigeria — Soyinka

… Insists FG must strive to avoid Nigeria becoming Africa’s Cherchnya

AMIDST rising cases of violent crimes across the country especially banditry and kidnapping for ransom, the National Publicity Secretary of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Mr. Kola Ologbondiyan has said that Nigeria needs external help to address the festering insecurity in the country. On the other hand, Nobel Laureate, Professor Wole Soyinka has asked the federal government to seek foreign assistance in tackling insecurity in the country.

According to Mr. Ologbondiyan, PDP had earlier advised the APC-led federal government to rise to the occasion by engaging mercenaries to help in the fight against insecurity across the country. He recalled that the then PDP-led federal government had to employ the services of mercenaries that decimated the insurgents in the run–up to the 2015 general election.

Regrettably, he said that the Buhari administration disbanded the mercenaries, and it is yet to take any concrete action in resolving the insurgent attacks, especially in the North. “We have always recommended that the federal government seeks the help from wherever to put these insurgents at bay. I think they are in a “conspiratorial silence”, he stated. In a statement issued yesterday, Soyinka who referred to the killing of three students abducted from Greenfield University in Kaduna said youths should not be allowed to “serve as ritual offerings on the altar of a failing state”. He said the government should not “continue to pretend” that the rising insecurity in the country is “mere birth-pangs of a glorious entity”.

“Abubakar Atiku has summed up the nation’s feeling – this most recent savagery against our youth is heartbreaking. “More than the heart is broken, however; more than millions of individual hearts that still lay claim to bonds in common humanity. “The already over-stretched sinews of moral restraint have been snapped off the casing of nation being, and nothing is left but the collective wails of impotence. “Not for the first time, what many hoped was a Natural Law of Limitations has been contemptuously, defiantly breached.

“We need to remind ourselves of hideous precedents. We must remember Chibok, Dapchi, and numerous antecedents and after, unpublicized or soon relegated to the sump of collective amnesia. The wages of impunity never diminish; on the contrary, they distend. “One’s greatest fear, with this latest feat of cowardly savagery, is that the nation must brace itself for a Beslan scenario, yet strive to avoid Nigeria to become Africa’s Cherchnya. “Those who have been proven weak and incapable must learn to swallow their vain pride and seek help. Again, this is no new counseling, but of course, the dog that will get lost no longer heeds the hunter’s whistle.

“I envy no one the task ahead, terminating the toxic harvest of past derelictions. Blame laying is for later. Right now is the question of – what needs to be done, and done urgently. “We keep avoiding the inevitable, but that very unthinkable now hammers brutishly on our gates, the blood ransom arrogantly insatiable. “This nation is at war, yet we continue to pretend that these are mere birth-pangs of a glorious entity. They are death throes. Vultures and undertakers hover patiently but with full confidence.

“The dogs of war stopped merely baying years ago. Again and again, they have sunk their fangs into the jugular of this nation. The plague called Covid-19 has met its match on the earth of some nation space once known as Nigeria. “I grieve with the bereaved, but mourn even more for our youth so routinely sacrificed, burdened with uncertainty and traumatized beyond youth’s capacity to cope. To this government, we repeat the public cry. “Seek help. Stop improvising with human lives. Youth – that is, the future – should not serve as a ritual offering on the altar of a failing state”, he declared.


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