INSTITUTE for Peace and Conflict Resolutions, IPCR, said that the continued terrorist attack on farmers in the Northeast and Northwest will trigger a food crisis in the country.

The Institute warned that if this trend of dastardly act continued, it will scare farmers from farming and the ripple effect will be on food insecurity, malnutrition, and heighten conflicts across the agricultural zones of the country.

Director-general of the Institute Dr. Bakut Bakut gave this warning in a statement signed by the head of media, IPCR, Mr. Musa Mato.

Bakut said that the killing of innocent citizens, especially farmers would amount to double jeopardy considering the strategic importance of farmers in food production and socio-economic development of the Nigeria state.

He noted with regrets that an attack on farmers is tantamount to an attack on agricultural/food production which invariably results in sabotaging the federal government agricultural policy that aims at making Nigeria a food sufficient nation in Africa.

Bakut said that no country can develop in an atmosphere of crisis, animosity, and intolerance.

“Nigeria is no exception therefore all citizens should be sensitive to the multicultural diversity of Nigeria federation and respect the rights of citizens irrespective of their status,” he said.

He pointed out that peace, tolerance, and social cohesion are recipes for peace and economic development.

He appealed to all the agitating groups with genuine concern to implore non-violence means to engage the authorities.

While suing for peace in Borno State and other parts of Nigeria experiencing security challenges, Bakut also commiserated with the Governor, the Shehu of Borno, and families of the slain farmers at the Zabarmari community.