You have joined the race for the governorship ticket of the People’s Democratic Party. What informed your decision?

We are responding majorly to the sentiment people have been expressing in our state about the service we rendered them when I was the governor of the state.

Based on that, the people believe that they and we still have more to give to one another. That is why we have decided to take it upon ourselves to run again for the governorship of Ekiti State so that by God’s grace we will be able to render more service to our people.

What is your agenda for Ekiti state? Are you going to continue from where you stopped, or do you have a fresh agenda?

Am I going to continue? My answer will be yes. Because what we rendered was very much appreciated as good quality Service. Because it is appreciated as good quality service, that’s what they want again. We will begin from where we stopped. There are a lot of things we did not take to a conclusion. We will have an opportunity now of doing Justice to them. So we’re going to start where we left, but we’ll take the state further down to a new terrain where we’ll be able to add value, much more value to the lives of the people.

We believe that Ekiti State must be creative, be innovative, must bring to the table a lot of new ideas that will further excite the Democratic field in Nigeria. We are getting ready to do exactly that.

It is believed in several quarters that the PDP stands a good chance of winning Ekiti state, but the problem remains that members of the party in the state are always working at cross purpose. If you win the PDP ticket, what are going to do to bring the other aspirants together?

 When we came in we tagged our campaign office the PDP family office. We didn’t say Segun oni campaign organization office. We said PDP family first. The emphasis is on family and on PDP. We believe that we can all come together to derive the best for our party and for our people. I am a party person to the core.

 Don’t forget after being governor, I was the national vice chairman here and the essence of the Party further developed in me and elsewhere Also, I served them at the party level. We must bring our people together. First, to be able to conquer together and realize the benefits together.

When I was the Governor I introduced a few things which are still on. For example, I created the Position of wards development officers. The party was living separate from the government, and it was supposed to be two sides of a coin.

So, try to bridge the gap between the party and the government, such that we’re not living strangers to one another. We’re going to do more of that.

So we will further bring the people together. They know it’s something we have done before. And they know it is something we are capable of doing, and we will smooth the course. I can assure you.

Ekiti is an agrarian state. What is your agenda for Ekiti agricultural sector?

 We were number one in cassava by the time I was living from nowhere, we brought a man of blessed memory now who run our cassava program and took us to the very front of cassava output. This has convinced me that when any government is determined, the sky is not even the limit. We wanted to pursue cassava beyond what you will then regard as the first line levels. We wanted to go further investment into the eternal. So that will further lengthen the chain, and we can get the optimal returns out of the cassava we grow.

We’re still going to go back to some of these ideas to see whether we can still run profitably, so that when we produce, not just for human consumption, we can produce for processing and get better values from the chain.

So, agric will always get our attention and attention Not just to produce, what to cook and put on to the table, but to be able to see how far we can go along the chain to add very serious values.

What is your relationship with former governor Ayo Fayose?

 He is my brother. And we brothers of the same family, brother of the same party. So we are of the same family. You know in the process of competing and contending you can disagree, but it disagrees to agree. So, there’s nothing serious that will stand between us.



Try to bridge the gap between the party and the government, such that we’re not living strangers to one another

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