The clamour for restructuring has reached a new height and Mr President is distancing himself from any call for restructuring. The leaders of the Middle Belt, the South South, Afenifere, Ohaneze Ndigbo, and PANDEF have been kicking against Mr President’s stand. What is your take on this development?

Nobody would have been talking about restructuring if there is equity in sharing of power, in sharing the economic profit of this country, there wouldn’t have been any call for restructuring because assuming in the military (Nigerian Army, Navy and the Air Force) and the paramilitary, Nigeria Police, Director General of the Department of State Service, Nigeria Intelligence Agency, all these, assuming all the six geopolitical zones take a slot each and you go to NNPC and its subsidiaries, assuming the six geopolitical zones are well represented here too, nobody would have been talking about restructuring. But you see there is no equitable distribution of power, no equitable distribution of economic resources and that is why some people feel that the present state of our sharing of power and economy is not good and that is why people are calling for restructuring. But there is nothing anybody could do now to correct the situation other than restructuring.

Restructuring is just for us to sit down and arrange the way we are going to run the country by every person where it will be beneficial and profitable for all. Restructuring is not calling for North go on your own, south go on your own. The clamour for restructuring and nobody is taking it very seriously and that is why people like Sunday Igboho are saying Yorubas should go away and Nnamdi Kanu is saying the Igbos must go away and very soon the south-south too will join. All these agitations for self determination wouldn’t have started if there is equity and the restructuring is not picking two from the south-south, three from the southeast, no, all the geopolitical zones will be evenly represented and they will sit down together and deliberate on the way forward.

I listened to a Senior Advocate who was a member of the last national conference of 2014 and he said even the people he presided over in a particular committee made recommendations that favour the north. If we are truly one Nigeria, we see ourselves as one Nigeria, there is no second class tribe or nationality or ethnic group, then there won’t be any problem. With the state we have gotten to now, there must be restructuring and a new constitution because what we are using now is a pseudo constitution; it is like something that is forced on Nigerians by the military.



You are a member of the All Progressives Congress, your party constitution made provision for restructuring and even set up a committee headed by Nasir el-Rufai and made recommendations on restructuring. How come your party has been so silent on and they have not even implemented the recommendations of that committee?

You see there is a difference between party leadership and leadership in governance. APC as a party does not have power to sit down and recommend what the entire Nigeria will like, after the recommendations, can they effect it? No they cannot, who will effect it? It is the government. Is there any political will power to effect the real change the people want? Maybe there are some areas the party has made recommendations which the government is not ready to implement. They will only collect the report and sit on it, the party instituted a committee but at the end of the day, the party cannot effect it, the party does not have the power, it is the government of the day that has the power. If the government of the day does not have the will power to effect it, it will just remain a moribund and a wasted time, intelligence and resources. And when you look at it today, is this party still together? To me as an insider somehow, in APC, we have about four factions there. Among those people that formed the committee at that time, can they still sit together today as a member of a political party? No, because the election of 2023 has polarized the party and when they polarized the party, if you call those people that formed that committee headed by el-Rufai, they may not even be greeting him again. So the party is not even together, a disunited party cannot be forceful to do anything positive. Most of them are not even ready to see the presidency again, and the presidency is not even ready to see some of them again, the public may not know these.

Let us forget about that the way the Nigerian people are clamouring for this restructure, I think it is high time the federal government listen to them; the National Assembly, what are they doing, there is no constituency today that does not have representatives in the National Assembly.



Still on your party, you have a caretaker committee that has been in place for more than a year now and the national convention that was supposed to have been held is constantly being postponed. What is your reaction as a member of this party, are you happy with that development?


Well, when the party continues to shift the convention that is for you to know that the people there don’t know what they are doing. They are clueless to the solutions we want them to proffer for the party. If they give you six months assignment and at the end of the day you are unable to deliver and they extend the six months and still unable to deliver and you are still asking for another six months and that has been granted, that means the people under Mai Mala Buni are not proactive at all. Two, they are postponing the evil day ahead. If they do the convention today and the party is still heavily polarized like this, people are going to burst out of that party to go and join another party and if they form splinter group now and there are some disgruntled elements in PDP too. When you look at APC today and look at the PDP, to me I don’t have the power to differentiate them. If Godswill Akpabio can open his mouth to insult PDP and Rotimi Amaechi can open his mouth to insult PDP, PDP made him Amaechi governor, made Akpabio governor for eight years, a minority leader for four years, so what is the difference. These people I can call them children of the same father that have different mother. These people can come back together at any time, some of them are not happy because of the way things are going about 2023, the same thing in PDP. If APC do their convention today, definitely that will kill the party and they are trying to see if they can bring some persons together now before they do the convention, but it is not magical there are some persons they can’t bring back, I don’t want to mention names, there are some people they can’t bring back.

Even today in the PDP national working committee, some of them are working for the APC against some persons in APC, the forces that removed Adams Oshiomhole are still together. The Oshiomhole side and some powerful figures are still there and these people are not ready to do the convention today. The moment they do it, the other disgruntled people are going to leave the party to join the disgruntled elements in the PDP and automatically they will come out as a big force. But the way they are doing it is that even if those people come out of the party there will be no time to regroup against the APC, so they are postponing the evil day ahead.



You are a security expert, the new Chairman of EFCC, Bawa has come out to say there is threat to his life; that he is receiving threat messages and as a person involved in security matters how do you see this development as Nigerians are not saying anything about it?

You see, I want Nigerian people to wake up and for all of us in our prayer, in our voice, to pray and to support the present Chairman of EFCC, Bawa. The young man has been in EFCC for more than 20 years and he has seen all the rots going on there and he doesn’t want it to continue. It is not business as usual, it is no longer when they appoint you as EFCC Chairman somebody will buy house for you in Asokoro, somebody will say choose any property you like in Dubai, somebody will say I buy one house in Maitaima another one will say he bought one for him in Victoria Island and in Banana Island I give you a property and the EFCC Chairman will fall into this and later become the boy to all these heavily corrupt men. Bawa is not ready to negotiate that one with you; he is not ready to take bribe and be bought by anybody. I am too sure, instead of him to be used as a tool to favour these corrupt persons, Bawa may resign his appointment. I see him as a very young man that is eager to fight corruption and thank God he is still very dogged and energetic, intelligent and a pure Muslim. Bawa is not ready to compromise; he can never be bought with the entire money in the Central Bank. Imagine when Bawa was appointed before he went to the Senate, there was heavy noise, oh, is this position meant for the north alone, oh, is this position not suppose to be in the south, they laid ambush for him at the National Assembly for screening, but when he got there and began to talk, even the senators from the south that wanted to lay ambush for him there were very happy and they supported.

For him to be threatened now means he is not ready to play ball with some kleptomaniac Nigerians; those people that their business is looting; those people that are draining the economy of this country into their pockets. The guy is not ready to work with them and that is why he is receiving threats. If he decides to play ball with them there won’t be a threat, let them continue to threaten, some of them will threaten and rot in jail. And I want to advice the EFCC Chairman, let him not rush the way the former leaders in EFCC have been rushing, let him finish investigation and be sure that this person has actually committed this financial crime before taking them to court because in the time past they will not do thorough investigation and at the end of the day, the court discharge such people.

I read recently when they said they are going to probe a former governor, those looters are very powerful but we are more than these people, we should support Bawa. God will always support Bawa, God is the supreme authority and we are serving the God of truth. Bawa will be there for four years and his tenure will be renewed. I’m sure of that because he is going to fight this corruption and this is the type of person Mr President needs. I don’t like Mr President again as a person but I’m still bold enough to tell anyone in the world today that he is not corrupt. Bawa is the type of tool needed by Mr President to fight corruption. The threat is like corruption trying to fight back, but it cannot fight back and win, Bawa at the end of the day will overcome this nonsense, these people will fail and rot in jail.


So the party is not even together, a disunited party cannot be forceful to do anything positive.

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