Business development experts have identified lack of adequate knowledge and requisite skills in chosen fields as factors responsible for the untimely death of most startup businesses in Nigeria.
The experts pointed out that most small scale entrepreneurs in the country go into businesses without being armed with the basic fundamentals and rudiments of the business they want to invest in, and as such, when they run into trouble waters, they have swept away in the tide, losing all their investments in the process.
Speaking at a two-day workshop organized by She4She Initiative, a not-for-profit Non-Governmental Organization, NGO, established to develop, empower and support women and the girl-child to attain self-dependency and sufficiency, Mr Olalekan Brahim, a business coach and founder Centre for Learning, CfL, emphasized that Knowledge of the business is the first capital to acquire and not money. 
Ibrahim maintained that the mistake most people make is to go for money first believing once they have money, they can go into any business they want.
 He said, “Knowledge is the first thing, not money. But the mistake people do is go for money first. When you have the knowledge, money becomes tools for you, but if you have money without knowledge you  will waste the money.”
The business coach noted that beyond whatever one might have heard about entrepreneurship as a means of doing business, there are still certain critical facts to consider entrepreneurship before venturing into it.
“We’ve heard about entrepreneurship, we know it’s doing business, but there are things we don’t consider on entrepreneurship. We don’t consider the problem first. 
“Maybe you want to sell or render service, you have to realize it’s problem you are trying to solve. Once you determine the problem, you will be able to know the solution. You have to understand the problem, the customer, once you know the problem you be able to determine those who are carrying the problem and you be able to understand how you can find solutions to it.
“Once you are able to establish this, you will be able to do analysis: am I really ready for this business? Do I have the right knowledge, resources, tools to do this? 
The CEO of Centre for Learning advised every startup business owner to ensure they attend a workshop like this one put together by She4She in order to take advantage of opportunities like this.
Also speaking on Mental health and fitness development, Dr. Yomi Jaiye,  a life coach and the founder  of CECY Health, emphasized on the need for participants to develop their mindset to improve their creativity.
“That’s why we have to talk about mental wellness because wealth is a mindset. If you are able to develop your thinking, you can create anything in the world without needing anybody’s help take your life from the lowest point to the top.
In her remarks, the founder of She4She Initiative, Barr. Oyanbo Peace Owei, said the essence of the 2-day training for empowerment of women and girls was to be able to impact their lives and to  support women and girls so they can have access to quality health care, good education, personal development.
Barr. Owei said, “It’s a personal development training for women and girls child to be able to build themselves. “We looked at the statistics of unemployed, poor and deprived women, and out of school girl-child, we decided that we can not just fold our arms. After the adverse effect of the Covid-19 pandemic we decided to stand up for women and that’s where the theme “Women Up” meaning women stand up for women was coined from.
 “We want to use our platform and wealth of knowledge to let people know what they need to know to develop themselves. We also want to give them awareness about various government programmes and plans that are available for women that can benefit them that they are not aware of. We want to take this advocacy upon ourselves. We want to create positive impact in our society.”
The workshop had in attendance over 200 participants who were drawn from the online platforms, and were taught how to develop and improve their businesses. 
One of the participants, Felicia Anita, said, “I learnt about entrepreneurship and public speaking. There are some mistakes I used to make during resume writing that  I got to know they were actually the wrong. I ended up providing a Solution to the problem I didn’t know was there in the first place.
Another participant said, Mercy Mikel Ogwuche, said, “The speaker we had yesterday taught us about public speaking and it was so helpful. I also learnt about entrepreneurship on how to set up my own business, my vision, mission and  how to have market policy. I have my own business already, this will help me take my business to another level.”
According to the organizer, Barr. Oyanbo Peace Owei, given the impact and success recorded, the program is expected to be extended and replicated in other States of the federation.

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